Pressed against the dust
To be somebody is drinking deeply of the Spirit

Acknowledging our sin brings inner health

Psalm 119.26 When I told of my ways, you answered me; teach me your statutes! 

I told you about my path. I acknowledged my sin for you. Openly, I confessed to you everything I did. I told you all my ways. And you answered me!

An open confession is good for the soul. Acknowledging our sins brings inner health. It is not good to keep quiet and only struggle with our own thoughts. When we keep it all inside; our dishonesty devastate our inner lives. Then we are filled with frustration, irrepressible anguish, and misery. When we ponder and strive with heavy thoughts about something stupid we have said or done, we waste away. Then we become paralyzed. Then we lose our energy and courage. When we loudly and clearly confess our sin to God and do not cover our iniquity, then God answers and that changes everything.

We can come to God with all things. He knows everything and knows us better than we do. Still, it's all right and good to tell him everything. We can share with him all our grief and turmoil. We can tell about both victories and defeats. We can share both downs and ups. Nothing is too small and nothing is too big or too difficult. We can openly and honestly lay our whole life open to God and tell him how life really is. We can tell what we are struggling with and what we enjoy. Nothing is too trivial. Nothing is too mundane. The Psalms teach us how to live a whole life before God, because he cares about our entire life. When we honestly and openly tell about our ways, he will answer us.

David says with great pleasure, "You answered me!" When he acknowledged sin, God responded by forgiving all his sin. Happy it is man who has confessed his iniquities and not covered up his sins. Blessed and relieved is the one against whom the Lord does counts no iniquity and in whose spirit there is no deceit! Happy is the one who has learned to live in the light and daily purification.  Fulfilled is the one who tells all about their ways and lives in a community of forgiveness and reconciliation.

When we talk honestly about life, we often feel the urge to pray the prayer David prayed: "Teach me your statutes!." We need God's help to understand His plan and will, and to live according to His word. All the time we must remind ourselves of what God wants us to do, how he wants us to live.

"Lord, I pour out my heart before you and tell you everything, because you are always there for me. I ask you to teach me more about your holy ordinances that I can live a life of honour.”