Always choose the paths of the Lord
A burning desire to live in accordance with God's Will

Those who love God are careful to do what He says!

Psalm 119:4 You have commanded your precepts (6490) to be kept diligently.

The God who created us has also given us instructions on how to live right. He has commanded us. He has told how he wants us to live. He has shown us that it is the right way of life. We cannot live the way we want if we want to find happiness and blessings in life. There is only one correct way to live: to be careful to keep the Word of God dilligently!

Your precepts, is the fourth expression for God's Word in this psalm. Precept a strong word. There is no room for negotiation or compromise here. God has given us His precepts and we must be careful to do what He says. In the Bible we find God's commandments and precepts. It is not up to us to choose and wreck between them. We have only one thing to do and that is to obey all of them!

Paul said that his mission was to bring men of all peoples to obedience of faith, to bring honor glory to God's name (Rom. 1.5). That is the mission Jesus gave to all the diciples, to teach people to obey and keep all that He has commanded us. True obedience comes from faith and trust in Jesus the Messiah. Those who love him do what he says.

When the devil tempted the first man, he did so by asking this question: Did God really say? And he misquoted and twisted what God had said and questioned God's motive. He has many followers who do the same in our time. Many people believe they are so wise and smart that they know better about what is good for children and young people than the Creator. They talk despicably about living after an old book. True enough, they can say that there may be some life wisdom in the old book that can be useful and good. Bible believing people will say that we do not obey the Word of God because it makes us happy and is good for us. No, we obey God's Word because God requires it. The Word of God is not just nice and good counsel that we can do as we please with. It is his precepts and commands. Our modern and so-called intellectual explanations do not change God's commands. We must be careful to do what God says, because it is God who says it!

“God has prescribed the right way to live: obeying his laws with all our hearts.” (TPT)