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Psalm 119: God's Word - Our Richest Treasure ever

The past year I have read Psalm 119 many times. Each time I am filled with gratitude and joy to have access to God's Word. This psalm is the longest in the Bible and perhaps the most elaborate in style and structure. The Psalm has 176 verses and is divided into 22 sections, one for each of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet in alphabetical order. Each part consists of 8 verses and everyone of these verses start with the same letter.

The psalmist, who is probably David, rejoices in the Word of God and praises the Lord for all the blessings he finds in the Word of God. He uses at least 10 different words or expressions for the law of God, and one of those words he usually uses in every verse. The psalmist is eager and persevering to understand and live by the Word of God. He memorises the Word. He meditates on the Word. He longs for the Word. He waits for the Word. He let the Word control life and behavior. He finds hope and peace as he is guided by the Word.

I believe Psalm 119 is very important for all Christians in this age. Therefore, I intend to take my readers with me through this hymn, verse by verse, day by day. This is a great way to start the new year: to focus on the Word of God! I started doing this in January in my own language, and it has been well received. I have been encouraged to put it into English to make my meditations on the Word become available to more people. 

I plan to take you through the entire Psalm verse by verse, day by day, for five days a week. Please follow me and leave your comments and insights.

Psalm 119 is the alphabet of divine love, the paradise of the Christian doctrine, the treasury of the Holy Spirit, the school of truth, and the deep mystery of Scripture where moral discipline and all Christian virtue shine through everything. This Psalm is like a Christian ABC who teaches us to meditate on the treasures of the Word of God, treasures of praise, love, power. It shows us how we can use the Word of God in the everyday life.


Blessed are those who live by the Word of the Lord.