Blessed are those who keep his testimonies
Those who love God are careful to do what He says!

Always choose the paths of the Lord

Psalm 119:3  who also do no wrong, but walk on His ways.

It is with great faith and confidence in God's good words and ordinances that the Psalmist says this. When we obey the law of the Lord and keep His commandments or testimonies, we will not do anything wrong. God is good and all his wayss are good for all people, yes for all societies. 

It is good to have this simple faith in the Word of God. It is safe to walk on God's path. It is never wrong to do what God says. It is always right to follow the law of the Lord and live according to His testimony. Those who do it will never do what is wrong, but will choose to do what is good, for they walk in God's way. They do not do wrong because they are righteous and have the life of God in them (see 1 John 3: 9). The character of God has been formed in them. It has become a habit for them to do what God says in the Word.

Walking the path of God is the third expression of this psalm to live by the Word of God. Paths are often used in the Bible as an expression of way of life. God's way is then both about what God is doing and how he is doing things, both his heartbeat and his behavior. To walk in God's way is to live in God's way. We can do this in faith and trust in the grace of the Lord and in the power of the Holy Spirit that dwells within us.

The Law came with Moses, but grace and truth came with Jesus the Messiah. No one has ever seen God, but Jesus, the Messiah is the visible image of the invisible God. Jesus, the Messiah, has shown us who God is. He has shown us how gracious and loving he is here. He has also shown us how holy God is and that sin must be punished and atoned for. In Jesus, God comes to us as judge, reconciler and savior. To walk on God's way is also to live in reconciliation and show love for all human beings.

“They will never do wrong, but will always choose the paths of the Lord.”