Those who love God are careful to do what He says!
To be somebody is knowing that someone cares

A burning desire to live in accordance with God's Will

Psalm 119.5 Oh that my ways may be steadfast in keeping your statutes!

This is the prayer, the longing and the heartbeat of all pious Christians. The psalmist expresses his desire to keep the law of God. That is the purpose and meaning of life, to live by the word of God. This desire goes like a red thread throughout this psalm.

There is a deep desire expressed in this verse: Oh, that my ways may be steadfast! Oh, there is a depth to this. Oh, it entails a heartfelt and burning desire. This heartbeat, oh, is turned to God and the psalmist says he is completely dependent on God's help. He has an honest desire to live in accordance with God's will. Therefore, he prays that his steps must be steadfast, or that his ways must become firm, so that he has a lifestyle in accordance with the word of God.

Then he uses the fifth expression of God's word: your statutes. This is a translation of the Hebrew word "hoq" which comes from "haqaq" which suggests to engrave or write. "Hoq" was used about what was carved in stone, what could not be changed, but stood firm. The Word of God, His statutes, is carved into stone. The word of God is firm, it cannot be changed by any human being. God's statutes are the duties God has placed on us human beings. It's the laws, customs and rules he expects us to keep and obey.

The psalmist asks God to make him steadfast in keeping his statutes. This phrase, keeping his statutes, we find so many places in the Bible. God's statutes are eternal expressions of God's will and show us how He wants His covenant people to live.

“How I long for my life to bring you glory as I follow each and every one of your holy precepts!” (TPT)