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Suffering loss

To be somebody

Is to suffer loss with dignity and trust

  • the loss of a son who dies
  • the loss of friends who turn out to be no friends
  • the loss of sleep or rest
  • the loss of health
  • the loss of memory
  • the loss of peace of mind
  • the loss of a poem as the pc crash

Losses come in many forms

some are deeply personal and painful

some can be hurting but helpful

some are very dramatic and domestic

some are instant and intense

To be somebody

Is to embrace loss willingly by faith

Because you are looking forward

For something greater and better

When you have seen the Invisible

The losses in the corruptible world do not matter any more

Text: Erling Thu (c)

Being a servant

To be somebody
Is to be a servant
And not put myself at the centre to be served.
To be somebody
Is not to give orders and directions for others to follow
But to lay down my life in serving others
In whatever capacity that is needed.
Greatness in life is only found in serving
Only when I give my life away it finds significance.
The dignity of being somebody
Comes from forgetting about myself
And meeting the most menial needs of people around me
The deepest joy is found
In being a blessing to others

Text: Erling Thu  (c)

Daring to be yourself

To be somebody
Is to dare to be yourself
And still not rely on your own strength or human resources
But submit to the leading of the Spirit
And draw on his mighty strength
Allowing him to unfold his power in your life
Enabling you to break out of all human limitations
And enjoy the abundance of blessings
And the liberty of God's children

To be somebody
Is to accept yourself the way you are
And trust God for a supernatural life in the Spirit
When you have learned to say no to yourself
- say no to your own strengths and weaknesses
But to embrace everything that God does for you
Then you can live life to the full.

To be somebody
Is to accept no limitations as failures
But as divine steppingstones
Into the life of the Spirit
- the life of trust
- the life of faith
- the life of hope
- the life of love

Text: Erling Thu (c)

To be somebody is to fly with the wings of encouragement

To be somebody
Is to allow words of encouragement
To become wings of faith
Making you ignore limitations
Causing you to jump over walls
Motivating you to cross borders

To be somebody
Is to believe and receive words
Appreciation from unknown people
Praise from close friends
As seeds of greatness
Producing desires to serve
In greater variety and measures

To be somebody
Is to fly with the wings of encouragements
To new horizons of joy
In being connected to a new reality
Having your life enlarged
Being enabled to break out
Of geographical and cultural limitations
To explore the limitless sky
As prophetic words are coming true
In walking humbly with your God

Text: Erling Thu (c)

My favourite tea is finished

At Christmas time I finished my last packet of my favourite tea, Taj Mahal. I usually buy my supply for several months when I am visiting India. Since we have not been to India for awhile my supply went empty in May 2019. However, my covenant friends Brenda and Zephry D'Souza brought me several packets when they visited us last summer. But everything has an end. My supply of the gorgeous Taj Mahal tea ended at Christmas. I really miss it.

I have been given some nice masala chai, which I also have finished these days. Now I have one packet of pure Darjeeling tea to enjoy the next days. After that I will have to drink green tea for awhile, as I will be looking forward visiting India buying some more Taj Mahal tea. 

I love tea and drink a lot every day. 


To be somebody is to take advice

To be somebody
Is to be humble enough to take advice from others
To listen to the insights of my elders
To follow the wise counsel of the experienced servant of God
To be willing to change my mind
To make new decisions going a new direction

To be somebody
Is not to compromise my vision or calling
But to find better ways of achieving my destiny
Through taking good counsel from godly persons
Committing myself into the hands of God

Only the one who really is somebody

is big enough to take advice

Text: Erling Thu (c)