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True sacrifices

Enjoying life


I am so thankful to God for the ability to enjoy life. The doctors predicted that I would never grow up. They had no cure nor any future for me. But God had a purpose for my life and a wonderful destiny. I am so thankful to be alive. But I am not only alive, I have been given the ability to enjoy life. My heart is full for joy and my lips are filled with words of thanksgiving.

I enjoy being married. My wife enrich my life and satisfy me to the full. Together we have been given six extraordinary children. Levi, our eldest son has already gone before to the presence of God. The five children are all grown up and mature. I am proud of each one of them and give thanks for them daily. All our sons and daughters in Law make me happy. We have also been given ten most wonderful grandchildren. They are all blessed by God with so many talents and they are all doing very well. They are all smarter than me and perhaps smarter than their parents. What a privilege to have such excellent grandchildren. They are my crown of glory and I enjoy being a grandfather.

We have been given the House in the Forest by a lake. In these warm summer days I really enjoy this place. Solveig and me have been bathing everyday in our lake. We are not used to such high temperature in May, but we really enjoy it. It is wonderful to cool down in our lake. Solveig is enjoying looking after the garden and enjoy all the beautiful flowers she has planted. I enjoy listening to the birds that are make melody and sing praises to their creator. I enjoy a cup of tea and some sweet desert on the veranda with my dear wife. I enjoy life.

This morning we met with the church to worship. I enjoy being in the presence of God together with the people of God. I enjoy singing praise and worship. I enjoy listening to the word of God. This morning a young man, Sjur Hopland, shared the word of God. I enjoyed his teaching. I enjoyed talking to people and having a cake and a cup of tea at the end of the gathering. I enjoy life.

In the morning I enjoy the habit we have developed of always reading the Bible and praying together. At breakfast we share the covenant meal and give thanks for the daily bread God is providing. At the evening we also enjoy having a good time of praying together. From morning to evening we enjoy life.   

Sometimes we face difficulties. Sometimes we have to struggle with challenges. Sometimes the problems seem to overwhelm us. But through it all we experience that God is with us. He never leaves us alone. He carries our burdens. I enjoy walking with God in all kinds of circumstances.