Shalom Israel - 70 years!
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A true servant of our Lord Jesus Christ

In his second letter to Timothy the apostle Paul is giving him instructions on how to be a true servant of Jesus Christ. The life and ministry of a servant of Jesus must not be disgraced. On the contrary he must be a pure container of Christ, fully dedicated to the honourable purposes of his Master, prepared for every good work that He gives him to do.

As a young servant of Christ he must run as fast as he can from all revolutionary desires, all the ambitions and lusts of youth; and rather chase after all that is pure with all of his heart. Whatever builds up his faith and deepens his love must become his holy pursuit. A servant of Christ must always be motivated by love for God and people. He must be consumed with at fiery passion to keep the house of God pure. Only then he will be able to live in peace with all those who worship the Lord Jesus with pure hearts.

A true servant of Christ must stay away from foolish arguments of the immature, for these disputes will only generate more conflict. A servant of the Lord Jesus must not be argumentative, but gentle toward all. He must develop the skill of helping others to see the truth by the Holy Spirit. This skill is developed in great patience toward the immature. Only with meekness the servant of God will be able to carefully enlighten those who argue with him. That way they may see God's gracious gift of repentance and be brought to the truth. This will cause them to come to their senses and to rediscover themselves and escape from the snare of Satan.