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What is faith?

Resurrection changes everything

Easter Day is full of joy and excitement. Resurrection Day changed history. It was the beginning of the recreation of this world. Ever since Jesus rose from the death, the life changing message of the Good News has permeated society. It began with a few disciples in Jerusalem, and today you will find millions of his followers all over the world.

Through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ eternal life has been made available to humankind. Sin, death, evil, injustice, sufferings are all overcome the Jesus rising from the grave. He conquered all the enemies of humankind. He made forgiveness available to all. He brings hope of a better future for this tormented world. Resurrection power is a work in the world to change it dramatically.

If we take a look at history from the resurrection till today, we will notice the big change that has taken place among the peoples of the earth. The western civilisation has been shaped by the reality of the resurrection. Thousands of lives are changed every day by encountering the Resurrected Jesus. A changed life means a changed family. A changed family will lead to a change in the community. When community change a nation change. 

This kind of change has happened before and will happen again! The resurrection is real. It changes everything!