The fruit of the Spirit
Someone cares

Beautiful words

There are many ugly words around. Hateful words are very ugly, they are destroying the soul. Therefore we need to lay aside bitter words. We should never use temper tantrums. We should not speak bad words of revenge. There is no room for profanity in the mouth of a Christian. Our words should not insult others.

Instead we must let our words become beautiful gift that encourage others. We do this by speaking words of grace to help people. There are so many beautiful words to use. Kindness is a very beautiful word. Love and goodness are filled with beauty. Words of affection always creates beauty in the recipient and in the giver. Words of encouragement bring out the best in people. Respectful and honouring words of affirmation are always beautiful.

Words are powerful. They may bring healing or they may hurt deep down in the heart. I would like you to share with me some of your beautiful words and what they mean to you.