The first sign of spring
Celebrating Easter in UK

Winter work


Some work can only be done in winter time. This work demands a long and cold winter. After a long time of frost our lake is frozen. The ice is thick and safe. Therefore I was able to cut down some trees at the shore of the lake. They were kind of leaning towards the water and would fall into the lake if I cut them down any other time than in a cold winter.

This year the conditions were perfect. The ice has been safe to walk on for some while. When I used my chain saw the tree fell on the ice. Easily I could cut it in pieces as I was walking on the frozen lake. I like this kind of work. After cutting the tree into pieces I had to carry them to safe place on the shore. It was a heavy work. I used a full day to cut down two trees cutting them in pieces and bringing them to a safe place for drying.

After finishing this work my back was aching. When my wonderful wife called me for evening tea I left the work immediately to take a massage bath in our bath tub before enjoying time with my dear one.