Song of the clouded dawn

The timings of God

The Bible says that there is a season for everything and a time for every matter. There is an appointed time for everything and a right time to every purpose. The great challenge in life is to understand the timings and seasons of God. To me this is often a big mystery. I believe I am doing or saying the right thing, only to discover that it was the wrong time and wrong place. Therefore my actions did not produce good fruit.

I have had many prophetic words and promises from God spoken to me. Many of them have been fulfilled. Some have partly come true and others are still to be fulfilled. Understanding the timings of God has been a big challenge. In my younger years I despised those who talked on waiting on God, for I believed that God waited for us, that he waited for our response and actions. I still belive in obeying the word of God. I do believe in acting on prophetic words. I believe we need to be quick to act when God speaks. Finding the balance between waiting for God's timing and acting out the word immediately is not easy.

When Moses was forty years old, he acted and expected his own kin to understand that God was using him to rescue them, but they didn't! He acted according to his divine calling, but not at the right time and probably not the right way.  Only forty years later he became the leader and deliverer sent them by God. At that time both Moses and the people were prepared by God for the fulfilment of the promise. Now the timing was right.

"The time drew near for God to fulfil the prophetic promise he had made to Abraham" (Acts 7:17). When it was time for God to keep the promise, things were set in motion for the people be be set free from slavery. In the prophetic word to Abraham God had told him about the time: after 430 years. The promise was clearly concerning the future. When the time drew near God acted to fulfil his word. 

When Daniel was studying the prophetic word of Jeremiah, he specially pondered on the numbers of years it would take to complete Jerusalem's desolation according word of the Lord. It was seventy years. He realised that the time was near. Then he turned his face to God, asking for an answer with prayer and pleading. While he was still praying the angel Gabriel appeared to him to give him insight and understanding. The quick answer came because his prayer was given at the right time.

There is a time for waiting and there is a time for acting. There is a time for planting and a time for uprooting what was planted. There is a time for tearing down and a time for building up. There is a time for searching and a time for losing. There is a time for speaking and a time for keeping silent.

 Lord, help us to wait on you and walk with you and always do your will!