Living in the shining place
Winter work

The first sign of spring

Snøklokke copy
At the House in the Forest the snowdrops (in Norway we call them snowbells) are the first sign of spring. They are penetrating the snow. They show no respect of frost and ice. They break through when others don't even try. As they put their head above the snow, they praise the Lord and proclaim that once again the forces of Life are stronger than the forces of death.

We have had a long and cold winter. We are longing for spring and summer. We want warmer weather. We have had enough of snow and frost. We are ready for a change.

That is why I rejoice when I see the snowdrops overcoming the snow. It is a sign of spring. Even if spring is late it will come. Snow and frost will have to give in. The snowdrops are the proof. They are a sure sign of change coming.