They began to understand the effect Jesus had
The timings of God

Song of the clouded dawn

Not every dawn is colourful or beautiful. Some dawns are clouded and dull. Sometimes the mornings are heavy and dark. But the dawn always bring light. Even a clouded dawn bring light. The new day may be rainy and stormy. Dark clouds are covering your abode. It is not always easy to rejoice, but we don't need to be filled with joy to come before God. We can come as we are.

It is a good thing to make it a habit to conduct a morning watch before the face of God. We can call on God to listen to our passionate prayer. "Lord, can't you hear my groaning? Don't you hear how I am crying out to you?" At each and every sunrise I  will let God hear my voice. Even on the clouded dawn I will sing to God. Every morning I will make it an habit to bring my sacrifice of prayer to my God. Whether the dawn is sunny or clouded I will lay out the pieces of my life on the alter. And I will wait for your fire to fall on my heart. I need your fire each and every day of my life.