Psalm 65:1-4
His tender love for us continues on forever

Persecution incident

This morning I received a hearth breaking message from a friend in India. Please join with me in prayer for our brothers and sisters in Christ in India:

Koya tribals are instigated to attack the Christian believers among their own tribe. A heart breaking incident took place Christians living in a village in the Kalimela area, Malkangiri, Odisha in India. A Christian family was living in this village. At 27th of February at around 10 pm the villagers attacked on the only family. All the believers ran into the jungle to hide. Unfortunately the mother, Nande Madkami (40-45 years of age) was captured and was burnt alive to death by the villagers. The rest of the believers are hiding in the jungle. 

Kindly pray for their protection and for the protection of all the believers in India. At the moment the pressure of persecution is increasing in that great nation.