Sure and pure words
The first sign of spring

Living in the shining place

I am fascinated with the Psalms. Especially the Psalm of David. They cover all of life. We find all kinds of emotions in all kinds of situations. I can relate the content of the Psalms to my own life and emotions. The Psalms teach me that I can bring everything before God because he cares about every detail of my life.

Lord, who dares to dwell with you? Who presumes the privilege of being close to you, living next to you in the shining place of glory?

They are passionate and wholehearted, always sincere and always speaking the truth - for their hearts are trustworthy.

They refuse to slander or insult others; they'll never listen to gossip or rumours, nor would they ever harm another with words.

They will speak out passionately against evil and evil workers while commending the faithful ones who follow after truth. They make firm commitments and follow through, even at great cost.

They never crush others with exploitation or abuse and they would never be brought with a bribe against the innocent. They will never be shaken; they will stand firm forever. 

This text is taken from Psalm 15 in The Passion Translation. This translation is one of my favourite translations at the moment. Perhaps this psalm was sung by the choir David appointed to sing prophetically and minister to the Lord day and night in his tabernacle. This song describe who will live in God's holy presence and who dwell with him in his shining place of glory. Actually it is a prophetic description of the perfect man, Jesus Christ, and all those who are transformed into his image by the Holy Spirit.

In this psalm we find parallells to the Lord's sermon on the Mount. If we will live in the holy place of God, there must first be a holy place in our hearts where the Spirit of holiness dwells. We must submit to the holiness of God. Only those with a pure heart can see God and dwell in the shining place of his glory.

But who is capable of this? Who is able to meet these holy requirements? Who is competent of this life?

In our own strength we are not capable at all. Our true competence flows from God's empowering grace. When we are overcome by our many sins, his sacrifice covers over them all! Farther than we can describe with words he removes our guilt from us. Only because of his tender mercy we may live in the shining place of his glory.