The timings of God
Sure and pure words


"But God's Zion people are content for they know and hear the truth. The people of praise rejoice over all your judgements, O Lord!"        Psalm 97.8  (passion translation)

I have been thinking and meditating upon this verse that I read from my daily reading this morning. I was so grateful and felt so content! I know Him who is the Truth- Jesus Christ. I am so content that he is in my life and heart, that He is my Lord and Saviour!

And I was thinking of other verses in the Bible that speaks of beeing content. 1. Tim.6.7-8 speaks of us that we were empty when we came into the world, so because of this food and clothes is enough to make us content.

in Hebrew 13.5 we read" don't be obsessed with money, but live content with what you have, for you have always God's presence. For he has promised us: I will never leave you alone, never!" 

How wonderful promises. And there are more verses saying similar things or using other words to tell the truth. 

Then I read what the Ecclesiastes is telling in charter 11.7 and verse 8, that when people live until they are very old, they should rejoice in every day of life, but to remember that dark days will come, and then saying to the young people that it is wonderful to be young. Enjoy every minute of it. Do everything you want to do, but remember you must give an account to God.

I met a lady today that was content and surprised, because she has become so old. Now she has lived many more years then her parents did. " Probably it is due to so much good medicine now", she said.  " Yes, there are more medicine available, but I think it is because you are prayed for and lifted up to God daily," I said to her.

God is so good! I am so content! I am so satisfied ! First of all, because of Him! He is my Lord and He is the greatest, He is the Master, and he is the beautiful one!

I have also other reasons to be content. I am sharing life with a wonderful good husband. I have beautiful, lovely children, grandchildren and family. I have faithful friends, I am part of a church and God's family. 

Yes, I am so content, but still there is a longing in my heart. More of you Jesus, to know you more and more. The more I know Him, the more I love Him. Thank you Jesus! Thank you for your grace and love! 

Text: Solveig