Celebrating Easter in UK
A loving and loyal servant

A different Good Friday

We are in England celebration our daughter Hanna and our granddaughter Sunniva Isha who are having birthday today. There is nothing strange with this birthday celebration. We started to celebrate in the morning and will continue to celebrate all day. I am very thankful to God for my wonderful daughter and granddaughter. They both make me proud and happy, causing me to praise God and give thanks for them both. They are both outstanding in their own special way. As far as I remember this is the first time their birthday actually happened to be on Good Friday. This makes this day even more special. We have so many reasons to celebrate today.

But I am not having any ”Good Friday feeling.” We were taken to the Leicester city centre to attend a joint Christian open air Easter Celebration. To my surprise the city was full of people shopping on Good Friday! All the shops seemed to be open and very busy. I have never seen anything like this on a Good Friday. At home in Norway all shops are closed on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. Only a few food shops are open on Saturday. The cities are almost empty of people. It is quiet and peaceful. I think I prefer the Norwegian way, but now I begin to understand the surprise I have seen in our British friends visiting Norway at Easter time.


A good number of Christians were gathered in the city centre. I am so happy for each and everyone that came to celebrate our crucified and risen Lord Jesus Christ. There was a big stage in a broad walking street. From the big loudspeakers the good news of Jesus dying and being raised again was broadcasted to all the busy shopping people in words and music. It was great to join our British brothers and sisters in Celebrating Jesus Christ on Good Friday at the city centre. As we sang “Oh Happy Day” I could rejoice and dance. I am so thankful for what Jesus accomplished on the cross on the first Good Friday.