I am somebody when I have learned to listen

The joy of encouragement.

Every morning in my prayer time, I am always asking God to help me to encourage and do something good for people this day. I am open to The Holy Spirit to show and remind me about people I can encourage and bless.

Since I am privileged to be married to a dear, wonderful husband, it is easy to do something good for him every day. But very often I can do more, the great fact is that I can even reach people without seeing them,  because of the modern equipment we have now in IPhones , tablets and Internet. 

Today I had allready invited a neighbour friend to visit me. It was so good to see her. She had been ill and been to the hospital recently, but she was happy to come. We had a good time of fellowship, and enjoyed the lunch together, and I prayed for strength from God to her. A blessed time.

Later today I was reminded to call an old lady that I have been in touch with for years. It was the rigth timing, she was so grateful for the call and the conversation we had together. I am praying for her to be saved, I have shared the good news before.

Later this evening I send flowers and encouraging words through sms to a friend I have.  I know she has so many challenges and difficulties these days. I talked with her also yesterday. I got a big thank you back.

i think it is so wonderful to do something for others, even small things can be a blessing. I felt encouraged and blessed myself to do these small things. We just have to seize the moment and seize the day.

Text: Solveig