Prophetic flower pictures
Visiting Tromsø

The Dandelion

Pic 14
The Dandelion was imported to Norway by monks as a medical plant. It used to be cultivated behind the high walls of the monasteries. Today this plant cover all of Norway as the seeds like parachutes were spread by the wind!

To me this is a prophetic picture of how the Kingdom of God can fill entire villages, towns, cities and nations with its transforming presence.

Here are some comments from friends on Facebook on the prophetic pictures:

Benedicte Jørgensen

These are Dandelions and is looked upon as a weed. It appears everywhere, and the more you cut it the more it spreads ;-) After a while it becomes white, and although it then seems old, it is at that point it actually starts its purpose, which is to spread all over and make more Dandelions, it multiplies itself!

There are hundreds and thousands of Dandelions, in which matter I see the multiplication and the fruit of the seeds of the Dandelions in the second picture. A few Dandelions become thousands by spreading its seeds. This is a prophetic proclamation of the purpose of Christians as well, since we are called by the Holy Spirit to spread the word and the Gospel and to make new disciples who again can make new disciples :)

Frode Thomassen
This flower may be seen as an image of the conquering kingdom of God. This flower is strong, conquering and ever occupying. Like the kingdom. Each and every flower shines with the
colour of the sun, as each member of the kingdom reflects the Son, Jesus Christ.