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Visiting Tromsø

We arrived in Tromsø yesterday and will stay over the weekend. The sun is shining from a cloudless sky. The beautiful mountain tops are still covered by snow, but the spring has arrived even here in the north of Norway. The threes are budding, the fresh green colour of the spring season can be seen everywhere. I love this green freshness. God has really created a most beautiful world!

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The Dandelion

Pic 14
The Dandelion was imported to Norway by monks as a medical plant. It used to be cultivated behind the high walls of the monasteries. Today this plant cover all of Norway as the seeds like parachutes were spread by the wind!

To me this is a prophetic picture of how the Kingdom of God can fill entire villages, towns, cities and nations with its transforming presence.

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Prophetic flower pictures

Pic 13

It is spring time in Norway. It is late this year because of a cold and very long winter season. But now flowers are springing forth everywhere. It is like a resurrection of life from the dead ground. Restoration is taking place in front of our eyes. We can see the glory of God covering the ground everywhere!

Pic 11
Leave a comment on what prophetic message you hear from God when you look on these pictures!

Tithing and legalism

A few days ago two good young men visited me in the house in the forest to talk about tithing. They had been practising tithing for many years, but now they had reached the conclusion that tithing was not a biblical principle. Tithing was no longer a practice they had to follow as believers who lived in the grace of the new covenant. The main reason for reaching this conclusion was their personal experience of a legalistic way tithing had been taught and practised. And of cause they had read some books saying that tithing no longer applied to Christians. We had a very good talk about tithing and generous giving, but we reached no common agreement on the biblical ground for the practise in new covenant communities today.

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White anemones cover the ground

The spring has definitely come, even though we have had frost at night and snow-fall far into the month of May. This has been the coldest and longest winter I can ever remember! However, King Winter has been defeated! The ground of the forest all around us is covered with white anemones. This little unpretentious white flower stands in her innocence and feebleness as a powerful proof of resurrection life. Not long time ago there was no sign of life on the ground, but today the white anemones cover the ground as a prophetic proclamation that one day the entire earth will be filled with people displaying the glory of the Lord.

White anemone
White anemone2
White anemone3

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Proclaiming the risen Christ

I am reading the Acts at the moment and I have been encouraged by discovering how central the proclamation of the risen Christ is for the early Christians. The apostles were bold in proclaiming that God raised Jesus Christ from the dead. It seems to be their focus every time they preach or explain why they are doing what they are doing. The risen Christ seemed to be their reason for everything they did and said.

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People are coming to Christ

At the gathering of the local covenant community on Sunday morning we had a very good report from some of the young people who had been evangelizing at the local shopping centre. As the spoke with some other young people, God gave them words of knowledge about some physical problems the people they spoke with had. This led to laying on of hands and prayer with the result that the two persons prayed for were instantly healed. They were totally taken aback and were overwhelmed by the power of God. Both of them came to Christ and committed their lives to the Lord.

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