A new generation
Correcting your own mistakes

The Holy Spirit is falling on a new generation

We have witness a wonderful move of the Holy Spirit today as we have been together with a new generation of young Indians serving the Lord Jesus Christ. Yesterday we discovered that none of them were baptized in the Holy Spirit. We gave them some homework to do among which one was to read certain chapters in Acts to find out what happens to people when the Holy Spirit is coming upon them.

This morning they shared their insight with us and we just added a simple teaching on receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit before we laid hands on them and prayed for each and everyone of them. The Spirit moved powerfully among us. As we placed our hands on them the Holy Spirit came upon them with power. They all spoke in new tongues and nearly all of them prophesied as well! God is so good!
Here is what they told us happened to them when we laid hands on them:
Wilson: A new power came upon me and embraced me. My entire body was shaking by the power of God when I was prayed for and I began to speak in unknown tongues.
Ravi: I received a new strength from God and began to speak in tongues as the Holy Spirit came over me.
Stephen: It was like an electric shock to me. It was like I was covered in light and I felt a strong power coming over me. I was a little late in arriving this morning and therefore I was a bit tense. When the Spirit came upon me I could relax as I was filled with joy and spoke in tongues.
Suresh: I was filled with a new spirit or power in my heart. The hand of God was upon me. He filled me with the Holy Spirit and enabled me to speak in tongues.
David: I saw a bright light shining upon me and a strong wind like a cyclone shaking me. I was filled with the Spirit and spoke in tongues as God touched me in a powerful way!
Ratnaraju: I felt like having an electric shock. Then it was like torrents of rain showering over me taking away all my doubts and fears. God spoke his word to me and strengthened me as I spoke in new tongues.
Kishore: My heart started to beat faster and I was sweating. I felt like I was taken to a new world as I spoke in new tongues. I saw a white dove in front of me. Then I saw a rainbow around my hands in prayer.
Sindudiviya: A power I have never known before came upon me. I saw the word of God written before me: I am the Light of the world. I am the way, the truth and the life - the only true God. I was strengthened in my entire being. I felt so weak when I arrived to the gathering, but now I have become strong. The Spirit gave me ability to speak a new language.
Subhashini: I felt a heavy power coming upon me.And I saw a bright light in front of me. Then I heard the voice of God speak to me words of salvation and assurance of protection. I felt like I was touched by the wounded hands of Jesus and that I was being healed. When I came to the gathering I felt weak and had heavy head ache. That is all gone. I was led by the Spirit to speak in tongues.
Ester: I wept and saw a great light in front of me. Then I was filled with joy and spoke in tongues.
Adiyya: I saw an angel of God pour oil over my head and I could speak in tongues. It was a blessed experience.
Two of the brothers had had an encounter with the Holy Spirit earlier, but they did not understand what happened to them. Even of of the people in their churches had been filled by the Spirit and had been uttering strange words, but they did not understand what took place. This morning they learned the what it was to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and to speak the new language of the Spirit.
We have indeed had a most wonderful day in the presence of God.