The purpose of the Cross
Finishing the race

Refusing to abort a defect foetus.

To be somebody is to refuse abort a defect foetus

When all the medical experts

Advise you to end the life that you carry in your womb.

It is to choose to trust the Creator of life

To let the embryo develop its own way,

And not to interfere to end the life of the handicapped child.

In spite of all the medical facts you are confronted with,

You choose to give the foetus, the child in your womb, a chance.

To be somebody is to choose to give birth

To a child with severe defects,

To carry it for nine months under your heart,

Only to bring forth a stillborn baby.

To be somebody is to give thanks to God

With streams of tears from your eyes

When you suffer the terrible loss of a daughter:

Thank you God for being so merciful and good!

Thank you for creating our beautiful Natalie.

Thank you for taking her into your presence

Even before she ever felt any pain or worry.

Thank you for being my faithful Father,

For being my mighty comforter, helper and friend.

Thank you for raising a shelter around us

Of dear family and close covenant friends.

You are my peace, my life, my world,

My foundation, my all and everything.

Words cannot express,

Oh, how I love you!

This poem is written in the honour Nina and Per Filip Osland for their decision not to end the life of their defect daughter through abortion when the doctors put heavy pressure on them. When the child was stillborn after nine months of pregnancy, Per Filip wrote the most beautiful thanksgiving to God. I admire my two young friends. They are true heroes of faith. They are really somebody. I am proud of knowing precious people like Nina and Per Filip! They make this world a more beautiful place to live through their devotion to serve life only.