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Woman was raised from the dead!

I have just been talking to Bherulal. He is a fine young man studying at the covenant school in Jaipur. He told me the most remarkable story about his mother being raised from the dead!

The 19th of February 2002 his mother died. They kept her home for two days thinking she had just gone unconscious. After two days she was taken to the hospital. The doctor examined her and concluded that she was dead. He gave them a death certificate and they went home to prepare for cremation. Bherulal, who was the only son was out of town when his mother died, but was called to come home to light the fire on her cremation, according to the tradition of the Jain religion which they belonged to. When he came home he refused to light the fire, but rather told them to stop the cremation preparation. His mother was kept in a icebox at that time.
Some friends of Bherulal had told him about Jesus Christ and all the miracles he performed. Therefore he decided to call a pastor of a Pentecostal church to come to pray for her mother. The pastor arrived at ten o’clock at night and prayed for two hours and nothing happened! Bherulal got angry. He beat up the pastor and throw him out of the house calling him a liar!
Soon after the pastor left, his mother started to move her fingers! Immediately, Bherulal run to the pastors home in the middle of the night, begged forgiveness, and asked him to come and continue to pray for his mother. The pastor came with him. As he continued to pray, Miss Jain came alive! She was fully revived, brought back to life by the power of Jesus Christ. At once she received Jesus Christ as her personal Saviour and Lord. Bherulal did the same! Today he is preparing himself to serve the Lord for the rest of his life!
We met his mother at Udaipur. When Bherulal sends us the copy of the death certificate, I will publish it on these pages together with their pictures!
God is truly a good God!