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One-Line Bio

I am married to Solveig for more than 50 years. We are grandparents, writers, speakers, teachers enjoying life as we help people find their place in the covenant community of God's people


I was born in 1942 at the west coast of Norway. I has been married to Solveig the most wonderful wife in the world since 1964. We have had six children together, Levi, Karl Enok, Josef, David, Hanna and Ruth Kristin. Our eldest son, Levi died at the age of 24 in 1990. We have 10 grandchildren and are praying that God will give us even more!
After high-school I attended a five weeks long Bible School and then I started as an evangelist travelling together with a more experienced brother. For ten years I was working with evangelist Aril Edvardsen. At that time I started Operation Youth Teams - to mobilise young people to evangelise their own generation.
Then for two years I was working at the construction of the oil-rig Statfjord A which is now pumping millions of Norwegian Kroner into the bank account of the Norwegian goverment. When I was a crane-driver at the oil-rig I started to write poems and have so far had six books of poems published. I have had more than twenty books published, mostly teaching material.

From the early eighties up to the present time I have been engaged in planting new churches. I have been one of the leaders of Christian Fellowship in Bergen and the apostolic nettwork led by Noralv Askeland, Christian Nettverk and part of Ministries Without Borders. Presently we live in Nordhordland, north of Bergen, where we are part of a new and growing church.

I am the founder of a teaching magazine called FOLK, co-founder and one of the teachers at Bergen Bible School. I founded Kristent Brevskole, a distant education programme, now called Folk Bibelskole which is mainly web based.


Erling loves tea all day long as well as smørbukk - Norwegian toffees - caramels, but Solveig loves coffee and chocolate. The bible is our favourite book, but we like reading poems, novels and theology as well as books on the emerging culture. We enjoy writing and are always writing something somewhere, but we could not live without friends around us.