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Praying friends

Our stay in India so far has been wonderful.  We have met with a lot of friends whom we have not seen for a long time. It is always a great joy to meet with friends, and I thank God that he has given us so many friends in this great nation of India. When friends meet stories are shared and love expressed in many ways.

One day as we were together with the covenant community all the friends laid hands on each other asking God to heal those who were ill. The power of God came upon us. People stood up testifying on being instantly healed by God when we prayed for one another in the name of Jesus Christ. Many people told that their heavy headache just disappeared. Back pain disappeared. Even a growth in the back of a lady vanished. We had so many testimonies of healing, but I did not record them all and do not remember all the details, but I want to bring glory to God for wonderful goodness.

My Indian friends are praying friends. I love to see their zeal and listen to their fervent prayers. When they pray they move mountains. This nation has a great future because of the prayers of my Indian friends.

A young man discover that his mother’s God is real

Bikash (not the real name) is a young man in the city of Jaipur. His mother gave her life to Jesus some time ago, but Bikash was not really convinced as he had be brought up as a Hindu. Just a few days back he was given a new costly smart phone. As he was playing with his new gadget he was kidnapped and taken away by a gang of young people. He feared for his life and knew that they wanted his new phone. As he was taken away, he prayed to God in the name of Jesus, just like he had been hearing his mother praying. He said: God, if you are real, save me in Jesus’ name! He begged in his heart for God to intervene.

Then suddenly he heard the sound of siren of a police car and could even see the flashing lights. The young people became so scared that they left him and ran away. Then he discovered that there was no police and no siren and no flashing light on a police car. He realised that God had heard his prayer. Jesus, the God of his mother was real. He had been saved from the criminal gang of young people. God scared them with his divine sound and light effects!


A Healing Miracle in the Operation Theatre

Today we have been able to spend some wonderful time with our dear friends Brenda and Zephry in India. Our longstanding friends are serving the covenant community in a most excellent way. They have a very big heart overflowing of love for people. We are so thankful that they are our friends. As we were fellowshipping, on this first day of our visit to India, they told us a great testimony of the goodness of God.

A man fell seriously ill. He was not even able to talk. He was taken to the hospital. The doctors discovered that something was wrong in his throat. After a thorough examination they found that a nerve had been damaged and he needed surgery. This surgery was very costly, about 400.000,- Indian Rupies. His wife and all the believers were praying fervently for him. Nothing seemed to happen, and he was taken to the operation theatre. Just before he was given the injection to put him to sleep for the surgery, he made some sounds and he began to speak. The doctors called off the injection and gave him a new thorough examination. Then they concluded that there was nothing wrong with the nerve or the throat. He had actually been healed by God in the operation theatre, just minutes before the surgery! He was dismissed and sent home totally well. No wonder that his wife was crying of joy!

Ten reasons to attend apostolic conferences

Good reasons to attend the apostolic summer festival ”Lys og Salt”:

1. It is always beneficial to attend a gathering when called together by the apostles. There will be an impartation of apostolic and prophetic vision and anointing.

2. It is very important to receive apostolic and prophetic teaching, to receive direction from God that we may work together to advance the Kingdom of God.

3. God has always arranged for the covenant community to come together to celebrate His goodness and to worship Him together as a people. It is very pleasing to God to dwell together in peace, harmony and unity.

4. The annual gatherings for the larger covenant community, is creating a sense of belonging and of having a common destiny in God.

5. When we are part of local churches, house churches or smaller fellowships, will the larger gatherings, on a regional or national level, give us important and fresh impulses, encouragement and strength.

6. It will help the people of God to understand that they are part of something bigger than just the local church, that they are part of an apostolic work and a great mission outreach towards many nations.

7. The reports from what God is doing in other parts of the world will build faith and inspire to local Kingdom of God initiatives.

8. The children and young people will benefit from good programs and even more important be able to form new friendships with fellow believers that could last for life.

9. For young people it is an excellent opportunity to build healthy relations, which even could lead to godly marriages. Two of our children found their spouses in such gatherings.

10. The many different practical and spiritual seminars and workshops will in a specific way equip people to serve the purpose of God in their generation.

The Kingdom of God advances in Nepal

When I visited Nepal for the first time in 1971 I was told that the total number of Christians in the Hindu Kingdom was only 500. During my last visit I was told that the number had increased to nearly 2 millions. The Kingdom of God is really advancing in this wonderful nation in the Himalyas.

Dilbahadur came to Norway as an asylum seeker. He found Christ in Oslo and became part of a house church where he was discipled. He didn't get permission to stay in Norway and returned to Nepal as a new believer. What he had learned he passed on to his family. They all received Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Now he leads a house church in his town and new families have come to know Christ through him.

In this way the Kingdom of God changes families who influence and change society for the better.

Baktha from Mugu in the Himalayas

I met Baktha in Kathmandu last october at a short term Bible School. He is a fine young man who has committed his life to Jesus Christ. He lives with his family in Mugu, remote village in the western part of Nepal in the Himalayan mountain range. He has to walk for nearly 7 days to get to the nearest road and transportation system.

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Tahk Bahadur

A few years back we met Tahk at a gathering of covenant friends in Nepal. He always has an open face, a nice smile, and a bright outlook. He is a happy disciple of Jesus Christ. He is working hard to support his family and to bring the Good News of the Kingdom of God to new people. He lives in the Mackwanpur district of Nepal. We were so happy to see him again these days we spent in Kathmandu. Full of joy he told us that he had been able to bring the Good News to an unreached village about 20 miles from where he lives. He travels to this place partly by a cycle and partly by walking and climbing the mountains. Some parts he even had to carry his cycle on his shoulder as well. When he first visited the village he found that many of the villagers were sick. They were suffering from all kinds of sicknesses. As he was proclaiming the gospel of the Kingdome he prayed for sick people to be healed and the power of God at work. Many healings took place. One girl was partly paralyzed. She was barely able to move around with crutches. As Tahk Bahadur was preaching Jesus Christ, he told the girl that God wanted to heal her. She believed in Jesus and was completely healed. Now she is able to walk without crutches or sticks to support her. Many people have received Jesus Christ in this new village. This all happened the last month only so no one had been baptized in water yet. But the Holy Spirit is at work and soon people will be buried with Christ, he assured me. In the fellowship of covenant friends in his own village he has baptized 6 people since May.

The covenant community is expanding

We have had some wonderful days in the Pink City of Jaipur. We have met with many friends and have heard many fantastic testimonies. The covenant community is growing in numbers and expanding to new areas of the city. This vibrant community consists of more than 1000 people in more than 30 communities scattered around the city. Last year 8 new communities were birthed. 260 new believers were baptised in water and in the Holy Spirit.

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