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I am somebody when I have learned to listen

To be somebody is to listen carefully,

to other people, to their worries and views.

To be somebody is to listen lovingly,

to a little child and a shabby street singer.

To be somebody is to listen wondering,

to the singing bird and the voice of thunder.

To be somebody is to listen intently,

to the sound of nature and the voice of God.

To be somebody is to listen with your eyes,

to see what the Eternal one is saying now.

Treading new paths

To be somebody is to tread new paths

To be somebody is to know:

- there are still paths to be made

- there are more paths to be discovered

Even in the midst of setbacks when the darkness covers everything

To be somebody is to do great things, but not in the old ways,

- looking for new places - new areas

and new administrations of my gift

treading new paths of blessing others

Facing setbacks

To be somebody is to face setbacks in faith, hope and love

to be able to see them as the Selah of the Lord

- times for listening to His voice

- times for rest in His presence

- times for being refreshed in His purpose for my life

To be somebody is not to close your eyes to dark reality

or to run away from difficulties and trials,

but to face all the realities of life

with faith in God, hope in God alone,

and  love Him who is in control and showering His love on us

in all circumstances at all times.

Christ made me somebody

To be somebody is to be in Christ

- purchased by his blood

- redeemed by his death

- regenerated by his Spirit

- a new-born child of the Almighty God

- a brand new creation

- somebody that never existed before


I am somebody because of Jesus Christ
I am the recipient of divine grace and forgiveness
I am liberated to fullness of life
I am recreated in the very image of God
I am somebody because of Jesus Christ
He is the One who made me

(Written as a response to Mayes comment on Being pure of heart)

Correcting your own mistakes

To be somebody is to correct your own mistakes

- mistakes long overlooked.

It is to look at yourself - with new eyes

- with new understanding,

To correct and improve yourself,

To become a more harmonious person,

Removing the small disturbances,

Deleting the imperfections expressed in your life.


To be somebody is to be able to see your own shortcomings

- and humble yourself to ask for grace and help

To overcome any obstacle,

That the divine image may become visible in you.

Seeking and finding

To be somebody is to seek and find
- to receive much more than expected.
I was seeking to hear the voice
- I found a person.
I was seeking guidance
- I found a Shepherd.
I was seeking the will of God
- I found friendship with the Son.
I was seeking understanding
- I found the life-giving Spirit.

To be somebody is seeking and finding God
- who is LOVE - Eternal and Boundless,

- who is the never failing spring of Life!

Seeing glimpses of God

To be somebody is to see glimpses of God

at unexpected moments

in the song of a bird

in the sparkles of light on water

in the scent or the sight of the ocean

in the hint of springtime on a mild winter day

in the innocent smile of a baby

in the wrinkles in the face of your mother

in the enduring love of your wife

in the care of your neighbours

in the green sprout of a dandelion break through black tarmac

in an eagle soaring the sky

in an old fashioned postcard or a modern text message on the cell phone

Written after having read "The secret message of Jesus" by Brian McLaren

Longing for release

To be somebody is to long for release

-from mundane existence

-from confining walls of finitude

-from the slavery of mortality

-from entertainments and obsessions

from distractions of every sort

To be somebody is to long for

-a greater reality

-a greater beauty

-a purer presence of goodness

-a fuller enjoyment of God

Written after having read "The Secret Message of Jesus" by Brian McLaren

Being pure of heart

To be somebody is being pure of heart

-being free from self-interest

-being free from selfish ambitions

-being free from wrong reactions of mistrust and suspicion

When you are pure of heart

-you listen with understanding

-you listen with goodwill

-you are open to new ideas

-you are receptive and creative,

looking for the beautiful dream

springing forth from the innocent eyes of your neighbour

Being yourself

To be somebody is to be yourself,

Fully confident of whom you are,

Humbly fulfilling the purpose of your life,

Serving others in peace and harmony,

Living a holistic life,

Fully integrating meaning and purpose

In everything you do.

When you are accepting yourself

-         created in the image of the Creator

You will be yourself in a creative way,

Confidently exploring the talents given to you,

Blessing and serving your neighbours,

Releasing them to develop their own unique gifts.

When you dare to be yourself

You help others to be free

-         from the fear of men

-         from the tyranny of accepted opinions

When you dare to be yourself

You prove to yourself that you are somebody

And people around you will look up to you