Merging three blogs
The joy of encouragement.


 Today was the perfect weather to be outside. It was sunshine, so nice and warm.

I had much work I wanted to be done in our garden, so with an old rug I could kneel on, and the right equipment to use for digging in the soil, I found a flowerbed with lots of weeds.  

I started the work, kneeling down rejoicing. The sun was warming my back and I really enjoyed the work I was doing. 

While I was working, I was thinking, praying and meditating. I thought about God, how He is a gardener, working in my life and wanting me to allow His Holy Spirit to show me weeds that needs to be removed. He is digging and cultivating our hearts.  I saw that as the weeds and dry branches and leaves disappeared from the flowerbed, a whole new picture was seen. The flowers and plants looked more beautiful and colourful. It was such a wonderful change. I was glad and satisfied. 

I believe that our Heavenly gardener is also very pleased when we allow the Holy Spirit to work in us, so we can become more and more like Him, our Lord, and reflect His glory even more. That is my desire!


Text: Solveig