A small cloud is rising on the horizon
Are the teachings from the heart of God?

Running into the heart of God

A few days ago I came across this expression in my daily Bible reading, and it has been with me ever since. I have been meditating on it, prayed over it and tried to practice it: running into the heart of God.

The character of God is a tower of strength, for the lovers of God delight to run into his heart and be exalted on high. (Proverb 18:10 The Passion Translation)

The character of God is our refuge, fortress and tower of strength. When we know God as our loving, caring, righteous, faithful and Holy Father, we just love to be in his presence. We love because he loved us first. As lovers of God our main occupation is running into his heart to be lost in his love or his holiness. Knowing God and being in his presence are our highest pleasure. When we run into the heart of God, we find life itself. There we discover our purpose: to enjoy God and worship him. What a privilege!