Update on the situation in Nepal
Running into the heart of God

A small cloud is rising on the horizon

I am so excited that I have difficulties in finding the right words to describe it. We are back home at the House in the Forest after a most wonderful time with our covenant friends at Withoutborders15 as Newark, UK. We are so happy that we were able to take part in this prophetic event, signifying a new beginning, a great step forward advancing the Kingdom.

There is a new generation in the house. The Spirit of God is moving. The prophetic generation is a people of power bringing healing and deliverance to the sick and hurting. They are a people of joy and worship. They are a people of covenant and peace. They are joined together heart to heart. They are knit together in the Spirit and moving forward to fulfil the great commission. 

When the prophet saw the small cloud in the horizon, he knew it was time to run. It was time for him to act. Prayers are being answered. God will send rain, he told everyone as he began to run faster than ever. The little cloud soon became big and filled the sky. Then the rain came gushing down! All Heaven was loose!

Hallelujah! God is doing it again! Times of refreshing and outpouring of the Spirit is here.