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Update on the situation in Nepal

I have talked to Henry several times and have had some updates from him and other friends in Nepal. All our friends are safe, as far as we know. Henry has not been able to get in touch with all our co-workers in the villages, but those he have spoken to are safe. 

The house Henry where is renting a flat has several cracks and therefore he and his family and friends in the church have been staying in a field, with only a small plastic covering. The last few days the weather has been bad, but they are afraid to go inside the house.

However, yesterday morning they could enter their home and eat noodles. Still slow motions are coming. There have been more than hundred after shakes, some of them very big. 

Ganesh, one of our co-workers lives in a remote village. They have had big landslides. All the believers had to run for their lives and they have lost their houses, which have been destroyed. But as far as we know they all survived. They have no place to go and are in need of much help. In the landslide their farming land also disappeared, and they have lost their way of making a living to support their families as well.

As I understood from Henry, what happened to Ganesh also happened to all the co-workers in the villages where he had been able to get in touch.

Santalal, one of our co-workers in Kathmandu had his carpet factory destroyed. Many believers in his church used to work and even stay in the factory, but now they are out of work and have no place to live.

The sad news is that a great number of Christians died in the disaster. The earthquake took place on Saturday, which is the day of worship in Nepal, at the time of worship services. In most of the churches, all of the believers did not have chance to come out. We are receiving many different reports on the numbers of believers killed during the worship time, but it seems difficult to verify those numbers. Two of Gopaljee's churches in small towns collapsed and three of the believers died. The official number of dead people is constantly increasing toward 10.000, but no one knows yet. It is heart breaking and painful to hear of the big number of people who have of people who have lost their lives. We need to keep on helping and praying for those who survived.

I have also heard from some other friends of mine who are running orphanages, two in Kathmandu and two in Hetauda. All the children are safe, but there are terrible damages to the buildings. The children have had to stay outside in a field with only a plastic shelter.

We have been able to send some small amount of funds so they should be able to buy tents, blankets, drinking water etc. for the people as an emergency help. When we know the full extent of damages of the earthquake in the villages where most of our churches are, we will make a plan to help as many as possible to rebuild their houses and have a new start in life.

Basanta is telling of great devastation in his village where most of the people are believers. 300 people lost their houses. Big boulders came down the mountain and smashed their houses into pieces, but only a few people were killed. They need tents, as they have no place to go for shelter. Henry is planning to visit their village soon.

But still he has not been able to contact all our co-workers. One of them, our friend Ramlal, has a church in the Gurkha area, at the very epicentre of the earthquake. We are praying for him and all the church members in his place.

Most of the international help is poured into Kathmandu and the remote villages are neglected. My heart is to help the poor village people, and specially our brothers and sisters who have suffered great loss. I think I have sent Henry enough funds for the immediate need, but are in constant communication with him on this matter, and will transfer more as we have more information and a plan for helping in a wise way. But the needs are endless. 

He and some of his friends are preparing to visit several of the villages that are hit by the earthquake. He is saying that the people need food, water, clothes and tents now. He will call the men in the villages to come to a nearby town to help carrying the emergency items to the villages, as there are no roads to these places.

Henry and his team will go by bus or car for 5 to 6 hours to a nearby town to the villages. From there they have to walk for 6 to 10 hours to reach the villages.

Our solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Nepal is Hesed put into practice!

If you like to help you may use this bank account:

IBAN-number: NO3636325688569, 

Account name: Kristent Nettverk

Account no: 36325688569

Bank name: Sparebanken Vest, Bergen
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