An unexpected fulfilment of a prophetic word
In the presence of God

Dreams and visions

God speaks and makes him self known to people in many different ways. Dreams and visions are perhaps the most common ways in which God reveals his will and intentions for human beings. 

Dreams and visions are the simple prophetic language of God. They are the communication tools of the Spirit, but in spite of that, too many of us tends to overlook or complicate the use of these tools.

I have just been reading in the book of Daniel and was struck by the many times I found dreams and visions mentioned. First we are told that Daniel had understanding in all kinds of visions and dreams (Dan.1:17). However, Daniel realised that he was completely dependant of God to give him revelation. God is a revealer of secrets (Dan.2:28-29;47).

Visions are spoken of as «visions of your head» (Dan.2:28; 4:5; 7:15) or as «visions of the mind» (Dan.7:1), and are linked to the thoughts. Daniel is saying that he saw a vision and he was looking and intently observing what was taking place in the vision (Dan.8:2). He sought for the meaning of what he had seen in the vision (Dan.8:15).

God is speaking continually. But we are dull of hearing. Visions are flashing our minds, thoughts are being formed in our heads, but we do not perceive. We are discharging the visions and thoughts far too easily as nonsense. We need to repent from being dull to hear. We must be still in the presence of God in our everyday life to see what he wants us to see and hear what he is telling us.

Dreams and visions are God’s way of speaking to us. We just need to be focused on him to see him at work in our nation, in our neighbourhood and the people around us.