Our companion - the Holy Spirit
Dreams and visions

An unexpected fulfilment of a prophetic word

God has recently been speaking to Solveig and myself that we are entering into a new season. At the end of this year we will celebrate 50 years of happy marriage life together. A golden anniversary is a great event, but we think that the future is even greater. We are full of expectancy to the Lord for what the future will bring. Just a week before we left for Nepal I attended a team gathering of apostles, prophets and teachers in England. At the last day a prophet of God turned to me and gave me an instructive word of prophecy concerning a new phase and a new way of working in India. Earlier we have been visiting many places all over India, but God told me that in this new phase we should work differently. We should only go to one place and call people to come to meet with us in that place. Sometimes we should give an open invitation, other times we should give a very spesific invitation. God promised that his presence would be with us and that he would pour out the Spirit in all our gatherings.
My first response was that this upcoming trip was already planned and that we would not change any thing of what we had planned. In 2015 we do not plan to visit India or Nepal at all, but hopefully from 2016 we will be back, and the we could follow the prophetic instruction. WE had planned to stay five days in Nepal and two weeks in India. In India we had planned to meet with four different groups of peole in four different locations. But it has all been changed! Due to our visa problems, due to my misunderstanding of the new rules for visa on arrival in India, we will now spend two weeks in Nepal and five days only in India. We will only be able to visit one place, Jaipur, but many og our friends that we had planned to visit will come to meet us. It seems to us that God has over-ruled our plans. What I thought was a prophetic instruction for 2016 has turned out to be God´s arrangement for this present journey! What an unexpected fulfilment of a prophetic word! Here in Kathmandu we have been spending a lot of time with our covenant friend and co-worker, Henry Pradhan. We have been having a most excellent and very important time with at the Bible School. God has poured out his Spirit. Many have been baptised in the Spirit, speaking in tongues. The gift of prophecy has been distributed and many have been seeing visions with their spiritual eyes. I am very encouraged by the way some of these young students are bveginning to move in the prophetic. We still have some days to spend in Nepal, but we are very grateful to the Lord for our visa problems which enabled us to see the hand of God at work here in a most wonderful way. The ways of God is far beyond anything we could imagine! We still feel sorry for all our friends that was expecting to see us, and now are a bit sad. We miss them all, but trust that God will give them a greater blessing than seeing us this time.