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Our companion - the Holy Spirit

A few days ago in my daily reading of the Common English Bible, I was reading in the Gospel of John. In chapters 14 to 16 Jesus is preparing his disciples for his departure and the arrival of the Holy Spirit. In this version Jesus is calling the Holy Spirit for a companion. Ever since I read that, it has been working in my heart. The Holy Spirit is given to be our Companion.

In my "normal" Norwegian Bible the Holy Spirit is called the spokesman. It is a bit serious, like an advocate. In other English versions he is called Comforter, Counselor or Helper. I like all these expressions as they explain different aspects of the Parakletos' nature and work. But at the moment I am very blessed by the name Jesus gives the Spirit as Companion or Friend.

The Spirit as our companion is a person sent by God to accompany, assist or live with us in the capacity of being a helpful friend. His call is to be at our side, never to leave us, always to be to our aid. The Spirit of God is in the widest sense our helper, succourer, aider, assistant. He is our close companion and friend.

What a blessing to live with the Holy Spirit in this way. He is my Companion. He is my friend. We have a intimate relationship. He is always at my side to help, comfort, assist, counsel and guide me along the way.