Buddhist monks attack Christians in Sri Lanka
Our companion - the Holy Spirit

No one cared for humanity

It is the prophet Isaiah who is describing the horrible situation of war when no one cares for humanity. He is saying that tough men weep openly. Diplomats of peace are in bitter tears. Messagers of reconciliation weep bitterly. Covenants are broken. Solemn pledges are rejected. The very land is mourning and wasting away. The roads are empty and there are no people in the street. People are hiding but find no safe shelter. Cities are despised. Destruction is everywhere. The way the prophet of old is describing the terrible situation of war is like an up to date description of the situation in Syria and other places of military conflict.

No one cares for humanity! The prophet summarize the horrible condition in a wartime. There is no regard for people. There is no respect for human beings. Children are hurting, starving and weeping, but no one cares. Women are raped, but no one cares. Innocent civilians are killed, but no one cares.

The reports that we are receiving of what is going on in Syria these days are shocking and appalling. We are confronted with terrible pictures on the television screen. We see heartless cruelty. We see meaningless killing of ordinary people who only want to live a normal life. We see entire cities in ruin. The groupd involved in the conflict waging war at each other don't see to care about all the innocent people.

Many politicians in powerful nations are supporting different sides in the conflict. Many care about the humanitarian needs. Red Cross and other humanitarian organisations try to help, but are limited because of the war that is going on.

The situation today is very much like what the prophet Isaiah is describing. We join him in our complaint: No one cares for humanity! Humanity itself is at stake. Terrorism and use of weapons of war must come to an end! The miltant opposition groups are divided. Sometimes they fight each other. The government is using military power indiscriminatingly and ruthless. This must come to an end. On all sides of the conflict the people suffer. Actually, humanity suffer!