Fear God or honour and love him?

Truth in the most hidden places

I was given a new Bible for my birthday recently. It is called the Common English Bible. I have been reading it awhile and find it very interesting. It is kind of a sober translation and not like some of the many paraphrases we have seen recently.

Today, in my daily reading, I was struck by an expression from Psalm 51 verse 6: And yes, you want truth in the most hidden places; you teach me wisdom in the most secret place.

It is David speaking, after he had committed adultery and consequently murder to cover his sin. He was found iut by the prophet of God: You are the man! You are the one guilty of death penalty! David was quick to repent when the prophet confronted him with his sin. In Psalm 51 he is confessing his sins to God and asking for mercy, forgiveness and purification.

David discovered that God wants truth in the most hidden places. He had been untruthful. He had been doing bad things in secrets. He tried to cover up his wrongdoing, but it only lead to more untruth in the hidden places.

First of all God is looking for truth in the most hidden place of our own heart. We may have a spledid appearance. We may look very well in the eyes of people. But God knows our heart. The religious leaders in the days of our Lord Jesus were excellent outwardly, but rotten on the inside. What a tragedy. Our hidden attitudes and secret thoughts in our innermost being must be truthful. If we are not truthful in the hidden place of out heart we will actualy not be truthful in anything we do or say.

God want truth in the most hidden places of our lives. Our true character is shown in what we to when we are in the hidden places where no one knows us or sees us. In the hidden places we cast of all restraints and dare to be ourselves. That is why God is wanting truth in the most hidden places of our lives.

In the most secret place God will teach us wisdom when he finds truth in the hidden places of our innermost being.

The Passion Translation gives us a diffrent perspective on this verse: "I know You delight to set Your truth deep in my spirit. So come into the hidden places of my heart to teach me wisdom."