Fear God or honour and love him?

But me?

As I have been reading in my new Common English Bible I have had many nice surprises as new expressions are catching my attention. This is one of the greatest joy of reading a new Bible translation. The word comes alive again and again as new phrases are jumping of the pages and touching my heart.

One of those expressions that caught my attention, as I am reading the Psalms, and caused me to think is "But me?" I am used to those places where the psalmist is saying "but I will thank the Lord" etc. I am used to the psalmist is saying "but God", but I have never before noticed this phrase: "But Me?" But me, with a question mark?

The psalmists are often describing their difficultiies, hardships and challenges they face in their life. They are having opposition and are surrounded by enemies and evil people who are wanting to kill them. Or they are fighting their own depression and the deep darkness of their own soul. They are encountering every aspect of human life and experience. They are real people struggling real problems. But me? There is a contrast with the situation and the people that surround the psalmist, but the questionmark open up for uncertainty.

But me? Yes, what about me? Do I have a choice? Can I determine myself the outcome of my situation? Am I in control? Can I make a decision? How do I react to this hostility? How do I respond to the challenges that are facing me? But me?

"But me? I will see your face in righteousness." Ps 17:15

"But me? I walk with integrity. Save me! Have mercy on me!" Ps. 26:11

"But me? I will sing of your strength! In the morning I will shout out loud about your faithful love because you have been my stronghold, my shelter when I was distraught. Ps. 59:16

"But me? My prayer reaches you, LORD, at just the right time. God, in your great and faithful love, answer me with your certain salvation!" Ps. 69:13

"But me? I will hope. Always. I will add to all your praise." Ps. 71:14

The circumstances may vary, they can be difficult or very challenging, easy or boring, but I am never need to be a victim of my circumstances. But me? I can rise to the challenge. I can respond to hostility in forgiveness and love. I can overcome any hardship. I can turn my circumstances from being stumbling blocks to be stepping stones to take me a cross the raging river. The circumstance do not matter, what matter is how I react or respond to what is going on around me.

But me? That is the BIG question!