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The season of the Branch

We have entered into a new season of the Spirit. A new outpouring of the Spirit is already in the way. We are seeing signs of the dawn of a new day and a new season of the powerful moving of the Holy Spirit. This move of the Spirit will be centred on Christ, the Branch.

The Branch is a prophetic image of Christ that we find many places in the Bible and the Spirit is bringing this prophetic to the forefront of his move among his people in these days. The Branch is an image of dynamic life, growth and expansion. It stands for new life shooting forth, budding and sprouting among the people of God in these days.

This is my notes that I used to minister from at All Nations Church, Cardiff:

  1. The Branch brings a season of restoration

Isaiah 4:2-6 about the Branch is a promise of restoration. This paragraph stands in stark contrast to the first chapter of Isaiah where he is saying that the country lies in ruins, the towns are burned and the fields are plundered; actually nothing is left.

But then the prophet speaks on that day, the season of the Branch, when restoration is taking place:

  • He is beautiful and glorious
  • The fruit of the land will be the pride and glory
  • God will wash and cleanse his people
  • The remnant, the faithful will be holy
  • God will provide a protecting covering, a prophetic shelter
  • All the assemblies will manifest his glory

Restoration is much more than repairing; it is all about being brought to glory (Hebr.2:10)

2.  The Branch brings a season of new beginnings

Isaiah 6:13; 10:33-34; 11:1

When all trees are cut down. When nothings is left. When there is no hope, humanly speaking, and no future, the Branch is still alive and active, bringing new beginnings.

Out of the old and dry stump of failure, will grow a new shoot. The stump will become the seed of a new beginning. The Branch will be bearing fruit from the old root. New life will be sprouting forth and ther will be a season of new shoots, new beginnings.

Even when you have lost everything, there is still hope! The Branch will grow new shoots.

3.  The Branch brings a season to flourish and produce fruit

Psalm 92:10-15

You made me strong like a wild ox! You have anointed me with fresh oil!

The righteous will flourish like palmtrees – tall – upright – strong – fruitful

Living in the house of God – the garden of God – the presence of God

  • Even in old age:
  • Still produce fruit
  • Be vital and green
  • Full of sap and green
  • Fertile – full of growth
  • Vigorous and fresh

When the Branch lives in you, there is never a dull moment! Life is adventurous!

4.  The Branch brings a season when the impossible become possible

Isaiah 53:2

Growing up un the Lord’s presence

  • Like a tender green shoot. Like a root in dry ground
  • Like a delicate plant. Like a tender sapling in dry ground
  • He sprouted up like a twig before God, like a root out of the parched soil

In the natural nothing grows in the dry ground or the parched soil, but with the Branch nothing is impossible!

Isaiah 41:18-20 see this miracle!

  • Open rivers on high mountains
  • Fountains of water in the dry valleys
  • Filling the desert with pools of water
  • Rivers fed by springs will flow across the parched ground
  • Plant trees in the barren desert – great variety of trees

All who see this miracle will honour God!

The impossible has become possible because of the Branch!

5.  The Branch will bring a season of serving

Zechariah 3:8-10 My servant, the Branch!

A single stone, 7 eyes, 7 facets, manifold perspectives on ministry, manifold expressions of ministry. Unity and diversity will bring great breakthrough.

He will remove the sins of the land in one single day. I one single day he can bring nations to repentance!

Each of you will serve!

You will be using your home as a base. Invite your neighbours and friends, let them see and taste your life with God in the home.

John 1:35-40 Where do you live? Come and see! They spent a day with him in his place and were fully convinced that Jesus was the one spoken of by the prophets!

You don’t need a platform. Begine to serve at home! Use your home to reach out to others.

6.  The Branch brings a season to branch out

Zechariah 6:12

Behold, a human being! Look at that person! He is branching out from within!

John 1:6 There came a man, sent from God, his name was John!

God is using normal people!

He is branching out from where he is! He is branching out from within. He is not dependant on the circumstance. We has whatever we need on the inside, because of the Branch living in us!

The Branch brings a season of initiatives that comes from the inside!

  • Dynamic life on the inside
  • Wherever we are in life
  • Whatever challenges we are facing

The Branch is in you! You got what you need to branch out – take new initiatives – bring to glory! Follow the promptings of the Spirit.

Live from within!

7.  The Branch brings a season to release others

Zechariah 6:12 Under him there will be fertile growth

  • He will cause people to grow and develop
  • He will release people to bud and sprout

Eph 4:12 – equip people to minister and function in the body

Hebr 2:10 bring sons and daugthers to glory

Gal 4:19 work to see Christ fully developed in people

Reproducing disciples and leaders

Empower people

Create an environment for growth, branching out, taking initiatives.

  • Help people out from the shadow of past failures
  • Help people to close the door to the past
  • Help people to forgive and live in forgiveness, enjoying the favour of God

Work for suckering to take place – let life take its own route, let basal shoots that grow from the base of a your church tree