A sufi story
The season of the Branch

”I don’t know much about Jesus, but ..”

This lady was radiant. She carried a baby in her arms. Among many others did she give her testimomy in the covenant community. I was intrigued by the way she started her testimony. Her joy and her sincerity struck me with great power. Her story blew my mind.

”I don’t know much about Jesus, but he healed me and gave me his baby!” That sentence caught my attention. As I listened to her story I was filled with awe and thanksgiving. Here is her story:

One year ago I had a tumor in my womb. I had been to the hospital for examination. The doctor told me that I needed an operation and that I would have no chance of having children. I had been in pain and my stomach was big. I knew something was seriously wrong, but as I got this message I was devastated. All my hopes and dreams were shattered. I was crying all the way home, and at home I cried on my husband’s shoulder. We were both depressed. We had no future. Everything was dark.

But an uneducated lady working in our house as a maid offered to pray for me. I thought, what’s the point. How could the prayer of  this low cast lady with no education make any different? But in my desperation, I allowed her to pray for me. She prayed for me in the name of Jesus. I had never heard of him before. But her prayer was different from anything I had heard in the Hindu temples. She used simple words, as if she knew this Jesus she was praying to. As she prayed there was such a presence of peace I never known before, and I could feel a power touching my body.

The next week I went back to the hospital to have the operation. Before the operation the doctor suggested that I should have another sonograph so they could know excactly how to do the operation. After the sonograph, the doctor was puzzeled. He compared the new sonograph with the old ones. The were not the same. He commanded me to have one more sonograph. Afterward he was aboslutely astonished, but his conclusion was that I no longer had any tumor in my womb. I was overjoyed. This Jesus had healed me through the prayer of my housemaid.

When I returned home I told my housemaid. She rejoiced with me, giving glory to Jesus. Then she prayed for me to have a baby. This baby in my arms is the baby Jesus gave me because of the prayer of my housemaid!

My illiterate housemaid has been telling me about Jesus. I am now a believer in Jesus. I want to follow him only! This is the first time I come to celebration and worship service with the church. For some time I have been coming with my housemaid to her house church. I am happy to tell my story in this big gathering. Jesus healed me and gave me this baby!

I just want to thank Jesus for what he has done to me and my family! And I want to thank my housemaid for praying for me and telling me about Jesus!