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Close the door

A new door of oppurtinities is open in front of us. This is a day of new beginnings. This is a day of new revelation and insight. This is a day of exploration of the vast possibilities at our doorstep. However, we need to stop looking back in our life on what has been, for it has been. We need to have eyes to see what is ahead, for what is to come. The best is yet to be, but for us to be able to enter into that which is the best, we need to close the door on our past.

We are not to carry into the future that which belongs to the past, because that will hinder us to enjoy the present move of God. This is a day of new beginnings. It is not merely a new day, but a day of new beginnings. We will see new beginnings in our individual life, in our family, at our work place and in the neighbourhood. In our work for God we must expect new beginnings and a new response from our surroundings. When we close the door to the past we will enter a day of new beginnings.

God wants to enlarge us. He will take us out of the limitations of our traditions. He will take us out of the limitations of our own resources. With God there is no limitations! We must stop limiting God in our life. We limit God when we make the past the perimeter of what is possible. We must close that door of the old perimeter of our past experiences. The best is just in front of you. Close the door to the past, turn around and face the best!

God wants to share his heart with us. That the future is not filled with disappointments. The future with God is not filled with false hope or delayed expectations. The future with God is fulness, not emptiness; it is advance, not retreat or defeat; it is being on top and never at the bottom; it is increase, not decrease; it is success, not failure! The future with God is everything we have desired and much more. God will not only do as we ask, he has promised that he will do for us even more than we can ask or even think.

With God nothing is impossible. To him that believes in God all things are possible! Close the door to past limitations. Close the dorr to all the impossibilities of the past. This is a day of new beginnings. New oppurtunities are waiting in front of us to be explored.

Christ in you is the hope of glory. His mighty power is a work in you. You can do everything through Christ who gives you strength. Your qualification comes from God. He has enabled you to be a minister of his new covenant. He has made you a brand new creation. Live in the new creation realities. Walk in the Spirit and let him take you into fulness of the One who lives in you! His name is Branch and he will branch out from you to glorify the Father and bring people into the presence of God who knows no limits!