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Blogging update

Ten years ago I started to blog on the Blogger platform. After some years I moved to Typepad. During the ten years of blogging I have had many encouragements in form of comments left on the blog or by email or in person. I thank God that people have been bless by my simple blogging where I have been sharing from my life.

Recently I have not been so active as I used to be. New social medias are the main reason for this development. I have no intention of reducing my presence on the Internet, on the contrary I have plans of increasing my presence and become even more active than before. I am also having some new ideas for my blog and new blogs I want to start in the near future.

Ten years of blogging is nice to celebrate, but there is no time to rest. Hopefully I will be able to launch new blogs and new presence on the Internet to press on for the next ten years to be more mature and to bring more glory to God.

The words of my first entry on my blog ten years ago are still valid:

To be somebody
is to take small and big jumps
into the unknown territory
safely walking in faith
confidently trusting the Beginning and the End
to guide and carry me
through the deep waters
over the high mountains of human limitations
to soar to new horizons
to lay down and dream in a lush meadow
to create my first blog