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We need an eschatology of victory

Too many Christian are suffering because of a negative and very pessimistic view of the end-times. I believe in an eschatology of victory because that is the teaching of the Bible! The entire Bible brings a very encouraging, positive and optimistic message centred in the truth that God is the Sovereign Lord of his world. He who began a good work will surely complete it for his own glory.

Jesus died to bring many sons and daughters to glory. Actually he will bring the entire creation to glory. Everything in heaven and earth will be brought to harmony and unity under his Lordship. Jesus Christ has already defeated the devil and all his hosts. The victory of Christ on the cross is the turning point of history. Now we are his agents of bringing the effects of his victory into all areas of our world. The Kingdom of God will penetrate and change every society for the better.

There is too much doom and gloom mentality among believers. Too many are on the defensive, trying to hold on or just survive to the end. An eschatology of victory will create a different attitude. An eschatology of victory will foster a people determined to overcome and bring change to society. Jesus is the Saviour of the world, not only of a few. The Bible says that kings and kingdoms will bow down for him and serve him. 

An eschatology of victory gives hope and courage. It will produce bold believers and many martyrs. It will help us to forget about ourselves and to focus on him who sits on the throne. Gladly we will serve him to see the world saved and society changed, at any cost.

I am proud of belonging to the Lord Jeus Christ who is the King of kings and Lord of lords. I have given my life to see his victory worked out in life, in the earth, in my lifetime.