Having an inbuilt dignity

40 years anniversary

Solveig and I are on the way to India. We are sitting in the airport at Copenhagen waiting for our next flight. I fell in love with India during my first visit to this marvellous country in 1971. Solveig and I have been going together regularly to India since 1991. During this trip we will celebrate my 40 years anniversary and our common 20 years anniversary. During these years we have made many friends.

On this trip we will meet with of our most precious friends Brenda and Zephry. Their friendship has been a tremendous blessing to us. They have enriched our lives in ways words cannot describe. We will also meet with Nilam and Chandrakant who have seen great fruit of their faithful work to make disciples and multiply grace communities. After we have been with them we will meet with Rao and our friends among the Yanadi and Chenchu tribes. This is normally one of the highlights on our trips. Then we will spend time with Bimbhadar, Shantobanjo and Prabhakar whom we have know for many years. They have suffered persecution and difficulties, but have remained faithful to the Lord through it all.

The next one to spend time with on this trip will be our friend Vachand. He contacted me last year on Facebook to aske me if I was the Erling Thu who visited Dehra Dun in 1971. I could confirm that I am the one. Dehra Dun was the first place I ministered the word of God during my first trip to India in 1971. The only thing I remember is that I had a harsh encounter with reality in discovering how bad my English was. Vachand kindly told me that this only made me special and help him to remember me!

This time Karl Enok, my elder son, and Kathrine and Håvard Kjøllesdal will join us for one week in Jaipur for an arrangement called School of the Prophets. I look forward being able to minister together with my friends and believe we will have a wonderful time in the presence of God.

What an exciting life to serve the Lord! What a privilege to celebrate 40 years anniversary of visiting India and making friends to see the Kingdom of God advance!