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The joy of giving

The greatest joy is only found in making other people happy! The greatest joy is the joy of giving! Giving is living a happy life of seeing other being blessed by your gifts. Real Christians are never stingy, but always giving generously. The live by the saying, "Give and spend and God will send" as they enjoy giving away things and trust God to take care of all their needs. Christians know that it is possible to give without loving, but that is impossible to love without giving.

My friends in Norway have been giving generously this year to the Chenchu tribe in India. We have taken on a project to build houses and a school to 30 families with 74 children out of which only two or three have attended any school for two years. We have bought the building land and during this Christmas they started to clear the ground to make it ready for building. Our friends at FACT distributed food for Christmas and sent this report:

One of the elder said with eyes full of tears, "I am more than 70 years of age, but this is the 1st time to celebrate this festival without begging from any one. Previously when the Christmas came we way-cup in early morning and visit Churches to beg Money. I saw more than 60 Christmases in my life time, but I don’t have any experiences to eat good food without begging. Thanks to God.  He send His Children to help us.

One Older lady said, still I can’t believe this, miracle, I begged many local people to hear my cry, our sufferings, our problems, but for the past 30 years they have been treating us like Animals, we suffered everyday without shelter my son’s daughters and grand Children are suffering from deep cold, very hot and heavy rain. You are aware in the summer the heat reaches 50 degrees. But the God heard our prayers and He saw our sufferings. This is the real Christmas in our life. Thanks to God and His Children.

When I read testimonies like this I am filled with joy. Then I experience the joyful fruit of giving. I share this that all my friends may know the joy of giving.