Jyoti is seeing students coming to Christ
Connected but disconnected

Rajinder from the Desert City

Rajinder and Madhu are some wonderful friends me met several years ago in Rajasthan. They came to Christ through some of our friends who introduced them to us. They have seen the power of God at work in their lives in many ways. Madhu was illiterate when she came to Christ, but she had a strong desire to be able to read the Bible. She asked God to open the Book to her. Instantly she could read and understand the Bible.

After finishing the Bible School they were sent by their church to pioneer a new work in the Desert City. They have gone through many trials and difficulties in this dry place of the desert city. Patiently they have been enduring many hardships and worked faithfully to bring the good news of the Kingdom to the people of the desert city.

At last they are seeing fruit from the work. They have now started five house-churches which they are following up. Last year they baptized 11 new believers. Five of these new believers have been baptized in the Spirit and are prophesying and functioning in the gifts of the Spirit.

Rajinder got a phone call from a man that had been suffering from cancer for ten years. Now his situation had become very serious. The doctors had told him that he was dying, and he called because he wanted Rajinder to pray for him. Rajinder first shared the Gospel of the Kingdom with him and asked him to repent and receive Jesus Christ as his Lord, which he did. Then he prayed for him over the phone. Because of the cancer this man could not even go to the toilet, since every function had stopped. Ten minutes after prayer everything functioned normally!

The man called him back to tell the good news of the healing that had taken place and he asked Rajinder to come to see him in the hospital in the neighbouring town. When Rajinder reached the hospital he also came to know that the man had some tumours in the body. Once more he prayed for him, this time with the laying on of hands. Then the doctors came to examine the one once more. They could find no tumours! He had another scan and the doctors confirmed that the tumours had disappeared! They had no explanation to what had taken place!

Rajinder told us of many people being healed by the power of the risen Christ. It seemed to be the order of the day to see the power of God working wonders.

Even when he could not pay the school fee for his children God helped him. The Principal agreed to reduce the school fee by fifty percent when he heard of what God was doing through him!