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A new prophetic generation

I am very thankful to God to be able to serve him in a time like this when the Spirit of God is moving in such a powerful way among the covenant people. God is pouring out the prophetic Spirit on his people. There is a fresh anointing available to all who are hungry for godly realities. A new prophetic generation is being birthed in these days. I have had the privilege of being with some of them recently and I am very excited of what I see and what God is doing among us.
At the weekend we had a prophetic gathering at Gullbotn with fifty plus people. We went to the Scripture to hear from God. We went direct to God in worship and prayer. We heard from God through the Word and through specific prophetic words. We encountered the power of the Spirit and all those suffering form any disease or infirmities were touched by the healing power and testified of being healed. The weekend was a time of practical training and equipping of all the participants. God gave us wonderful promises, encouraging words and down to earth direction. Revelation was imparted. Secrets were disclosed.
God is at work. A new prophetic generation is on the move!