Praying friends

Our stay in India so far has been wonderful.  We have met with a lot of friends whom we have not seen for a long time. It is always a great joy to meet with friends, and I thank God that he has given us so many friends in this great nation of India. When friends meet stories are shared and love expressed in many ways.

One day as we were together with the covenant community all the friends laid hands on each other asking God to heal those who were ill. The power of God came upon us. People stood up testifying on being instantly healed by God when we prayed for one another in the name of Jesus Christ. Many people told that their heavy headache just disappeared. Back pain disappeared. Even a growth in the back of a lady vanished. We had so many testimonies of healing, but I did not record them all and do not remember all the details, but I want to bring glory to God for wonderful goodness.

My Indian friends are praying friends. I love to see their zeal and listen to their fervent prayers. When they pray they move mountains. This nation has a great future because of the prayers of my Indian friends.

A young man discover that his mother’s God is real

Bikash (not the real name) is a young man in the city of Jaipur. His mother gave her life to Jesus some time ago, but Bikash was not really convinced as he had be brought up as a Hindu. Just a few days back he was given a new costly smart phone. As he was playing with his new gadget he was kidnapped and taken away by a gang of young people. He feared for his life and knew that they wanted his new phone. As he was taken away, he prayed to God in the name of Jesus, just like he had been hearing his mother praying. He said: God, if you are real, save me in Jesus’ name! He begged in his heart for God to intervene.

Then suddenly he heard the sound of siren of a police car and could even see the flashing lights. The young people became so scared that they left him and ran away. Then he discovered that there was no police and no siren and no flashing light on a police car. He realised that God had heard his prayer. Jesus, the God of his mother was real. He had been saved from the criminal gang of young people. God scared them with his divine sound and light effects!


A Healing Miracle in the Operation Theatre

Today we have been able to spend some wonderful time with our dear friends Brenda and Zephry in India. Our longstanding friends are serving the covenant community in a most excellent way. They have a very big heart overflowing of love for people. We are so thankful that they are our friends. As we were fellowshipping, on this first day of our visit to India, they told us a great testimony of the goodness of God.

A man fell seriously ill. He was not even able to talk. He was taken to the hospital. The doctors discovered that something was wrong in his throat. After a thorough examination they found that a nerve had been damaged and he needed surgery. This surgery was very costly, about 400.000,- Indian Rupies. His wife and all the believers were praying fervently for him. Nothing seemed to happen, and he was taken to the operation theatre. Just before he was given the injection to put him to sleep for the surgery, he made some sounds and he began to speak. The doctors called off the injection and gave him a new thorough examination. Then they concluded that there was nothing wrong with the nerve or the throat. He had actually been healed by God in the operation theatre, just minutes before the surgery! He was dismissed and sent home totally well. No wonder that his wife was crying of joy!

I am somebody when I have learned to listen

To be somebody is to listen carefully,

to other people, to their worries and views.

To be somebody is to listen lovingly,

to a little child and a shabby street singer.

To be somebody is to listen wondering,

to the singing bird and the voice of thunder.

To be somebody is to listen intently,

to the sound of nature and the voice of God.

To be somebody is to listen with your eyes,

to see what the Eternal one is saying now.

The joy of encouragement.

Every morning in my prayer time, I am always asking God to help me to encourage and do something good for people this day. I am open to The Holy Spirit to show and remind me about people I can encourage and bless.

Since I am privileged to be married to a dear, wonderful husband, it is easy to do something good for him every day. But very often I can do more, the great fact is that I can even reach people without seeing them,  because of the modern equipment we have now in IPhones , tablets and Internet. 

Today I had allready invited a neighbour friend to visit me. It was so good to see her. She had been ill and been to the hospital recently, but she was happy to come. We had a good time of fellowship, and enjoyed the lunch together, and I prayed for strength from God to her. A blessed time.

Later today I was reminded to call an old lady that I have been in touch with for years. It was the rigth timing, she was so grateful for the call and the conversation we had together. I am praying for her to be saved, I have shared the good news before.

Later this evening I send flowers and encouraging words through sms to a friend I have.  I know she has so many challenges and difficulties these days. I talked with her also yesterday. I got a big thank you back.

i think it is so wonderful to do something for others, even small things can be a blessing. I felt encouraged and blessed myself to do these small things. We just have to seize the moment and seize the day.

Text: Solveig


 Today was the perfect weather to be outside. It was sunshine, so nice and warm.

I had much work I wanted to be done in our garden, so with an old rug I could kneel on, and the right equipment to use for digging in the soil, I found a flowerbed with lots of weeds.  

I started the work, kneeling down rejoicing. The sun was warming my back and I really enjoyed the work I was doing. 

While I was working, I was thinking, praying and meditating. I thought about God, how He is a gardener, working in my life and wanting me to allow His Holy Spirit to show me weeds that needs to be removed. He is digging and cultivating our hearts.  I saw that as the weeds and dry branches and leaves disappeared from the flowerbed, a whole new picture was seen. The flowers and plants looked more beautiful and colourful. It was such a wonderful change. I was glad and satisfied. 

I believe that our Heavenly gardener is also very pleased when we allow the Holy Spirit to work in us, so we can become more and more like Him, our Lord, and reflect His glory even more. That is my desire!


Text: Solveig 

Merging three blogs

To make things a bit simpler for myself and my friends I have merged Solveig's blog and my two English blogs together. Our blog is now called I am somebody. We will both blog more frequent than what we have been doing lately. When Facebook arrived on the scene, that social medium took nearly all our attention. However, in the long run I think our blogs are more important. I have also merged my Norwegian blogs in one: Huset i skogen. Now we will develop our two blogs for future glory.

Today my brave wife has been bathing in our lake. The water was to cold for me, but not for my Excellent wife! I was only the witness to her courage as she jumped into the water and had a good swim in the lake.



Forest Dream desert

Yesterday my dear wife made me a very delicious desert which she called Forest Dream. As the main dish she served Salmon which I also enjoyed very much. Forest Dream is her own variant of the old fashion Norwegian Troll Cream. After having had fish for dinner she always makes me a sweet desert. She is using her God given creativity to come up with beautiful looking and most delicious tasting food in the world. 

The most amazing thing was that we could enjoy this meal together on our veranda in beautiful sunshine and nice temperature this late in September. God is good! I thank him for giving me such a wonderful wife and pouring out blessings on us.

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Blessed house church

We had a most wonderful time at our house church yesterday. Our leader and his wife shared their testimonies. The rest of us gave feedback, prayers and prophetic words of encouragement to them. I was so blessed by being together with my brothers and sisters in the presence of God.
The young husband told us how his brother had been praying for him in two years before he came to Christ. He told us about the pastor that noticed him while he was about to leave the meeting and came to talk to him and challenged him to receive Jesus Christ. Later he had a powerful encounter with the love of God at home, and how an article the the magazine Folk helped him at a crucial point in his life as a new believer. When he attended Bergen Bibelskole he became established in the Word and equipped to serve God. His greatest joy is to share the Good News with others.
His wife shared with us some personal og dramatic incidents that had taken place and how God had intervened. She also told us how she met some former students from Bergen Bibelskole at a stand when she was studying to become a nurse. They helped her to a spiritual breakthrough as they baptised her in a lake in cold water.
I was very blessed by their testimonies of how God was using people, an article in our magazine and the Bible School to bring them to Christ and maturity. This couple is really a blessed couple. They are radiant with the love of God all around them.
I am so blessed to part of this house church. I can see the grace of God in each and every one of my brothers and sisters. God is so good!

Hiding in the faithfulness of God

I find great joy in knowing God. His character is my strong fortress where I am safe. God is love. God is light. It is impossible for him to lie. I know that his promise will never change. When God wanted to end all doubt and confirm his promise even more forcefully to us, he made a covenant. All the promises of God find their fulfilment in the new covenant in Christ. When we are in Christ, we will inherit God’s promises.

We have run into the heart of God to hide ourselves in his faithfulness (Hebrew 6,18 Passion Translation). Here we find his strength and comfort. Here God empowers us to seize what has already been established, even ahead of time – an unshakeable hope! We have this certain hope like a strong, unbreakable anchor holding our souls to God himself.

The merciful and faithful heart of God is our secure hiding place. When I hide in his faithfulness, I am empowered to act in faith to see promises come into reality. Hiding in the faithfulness of God is the best place to acquire everything we long for.

Harvesting the blessings

To be somebody is harvesting the blessings

That the Creator has showered upon us,

Seeing all around us evidences of his goodness.

Picking blackberries, redcurrents and gooseberries

From the bushes I planted in my own garden

Along with wild blueberries in the forest

And fish in the net in my lake.

To be somebody is enjoying the blessings of God

Hidden in everyday life, at home or in nature.

 To be somebody is seeing the blessings

Even when they come in disguise.

To be somebody is harvesting the blessings

In difficulties and challenging situations,

To be able to share it with others

Are the teachings from the heart of God?

Jesus has given us a way to test to discover if the teachings are from the heart of God or from the minds of men. There are so many teachings around these days, but the big question is if the teachings come from the heart of God. The letter of human words kills, but the teaching from the heart of God brings life. To be able to hear from God, we must be passionate to do his will.

I don’t teach my own ideas, but the truth revealed to me by the One who sent me. If you want to test my teachings and discover where I receive them, first be passionate to do God’s will, and then you will be able to discern if my teachings are from the heart of God or from my own opinions. Charlatans praise themselves and seek honor from men, but my Father sent me to speak truth on his behalf. And I have no false motive, because I seek only the glory of God. (John 7:16-18 The Passion Translation)

We must not be obsessed with peripheral issues, because that will cause us to ignore the most important of all: to walk in love of God, to display mercy to others, and to live with integrity. We need to readjust our values and place first things first! We must realign ourselves to the heart of God.

God is holy and highly lifted up.

God is righteous and just in all his dealings.

God is faithful and true.

God is truth and light.

God is merciful and longsuffering.

God is love.

Are the teachings from the heart of God?

Jesus has given us a way to test to discover if the teachings are from the heart of God or from the minds of men. There are so many teachings around these days, but the big question is if the teachings come from the heart of God. The letter of human words kills, but the teaching from the heart of God brings life. To be able to hear from God, we must be passionate to do his will.

I don’t teach my own ideas, but the truth revealed to me by the One who sent me. If you want to test my teachings and discover where I receive them, first be passionate to do God’s will, and then you will be able to discern if my teachings are from the heart of God or from my own opinions. Charlatans praise themselves and seek honor from men, but my Father sent me to speak truth on his behalf. And I have no false motive, because I seek only the glory of God. (John 7:16-18 The Passion Translation)

We must not be obsessed with peripheral issues, because that will cause us to ignore the most important of all: to walk in love of God, to display mercy to others, and to live with integrity. We need to readjust our values and place first things first! We must realign ourselves to the heart of God.

God is holy and highly lifted up.

God is righteous and just in all his dealings.

God is faithful and true.

God is truth and light.

God is merciful and longsuffering.

God is love.

Running into the heart of God

A few days ago I came across this expression in my daily Bible reading, and it has been with me ever since. I have been meditating on it, prayed over it and tried to practice it: running into the heart of God.

The character of God is a tower of strength, for the lovers of God delight to run into his heart and be exalted on high. (Proverb 18:10 The Passion Translation)

The character of God is our refuge, fortress and tower of strength. When we know God as our loving, caring, righteous, faithful and Holy Father, we just love to be in his presence. We love because he loved us first. As lovers of God our main occupation is running into his heart to be lost in his love or his holiness. Knowing God and being in his presence are our highest pleasure. When we run into the heart of God, we find life itself. There we discover our purpose: to enjoy God and worship him. What a privilege!

A small cloud is rising on the horizon

I am so excited that I have difficulties in finding the right words to describe it. We are back home at the House in the Forest after a most wonderful time with our covenant friends at Withoutborders15 as Newark, UK. We are so happy that we were able to take part in this prophetic event, signifying a new beginning, a great step forward advancing the Kingdom.

There is a new generation in the house. The Spirit of God is moving. The prophetic generation is a people of power bringing healing and deliverance to the sick and hurting. They are a people of joy and worship. They are a people of covenant and peace. They are joined together heart to heart. They are knit together in the Spirit and moving forward to fulfil the great commission. 

When the prophet saw the small cloud in the horizon, he knew it was time to run. It was time for him to act. Prayers are being answered. God will send rain, he told everyone as he began to run faster than ever. The little cloud soon became big and filled the sky. Then the rain came gushing down! All Heaven was loose!

Hallelujah! God is doing it again! Times of refreshing and outpouring of the Spirit is here.


God is at work

I am so thankful to the Lord for his wonderful presence. He is present with me in every situation. He has promised to never leave me nor forsake me, but to keep his eye on me all the time. There is nothing like living in the presence of God, listening to his voice, seeing his finger at work and marvell at his glorious grace and unshakable faithfulness. 

I realise that God is at work in my life. He is still forming and moulding me to become more like Jesus. And he is using people to shape me and sharpen me. My wife has been the most important person that God has been using to make me a better person. I thank God for my wife. She speakes the word of God into my life again and again. Sometimes I am not very happy with what she tells me, but when I humble myself and receive her word as the word of the Lord, God can do his transforming work in me.

When I allow God to work in me, I realise that he is also working through me to bring blessing and encouragement to people around me. At the moment we are in the Stavanger area. Here we are with wonderful people. Together we experience the presence of God and we can see that God is at work among us.

In the presence of God

We have just had a wonderful weekend in the presence of God together with all the families in the House Church in the Stavanger area. I am so excited to see people together in love with God and one another - all generations together. I am very blessed by the appreciation for the Word of God that I sense among us. People want to learn and to put the Word of God into practice. We had a good time of sharing the Word of God, talking about it and seeking the face of God for spesific direction. God answered our prayers and manifested his presence among us. I think no one was untouched by the Spirit as he moved powerfully and spoke to us.

Dreams and visions

God speaks and makes him self known to people in many different ways. Dreams and visions are perhaps the most common ways in which God reveals his will and intentions for human beings. 

Dreams and visions are the simple prophetic language of God. They are the communication tools of the Spirit, but in spite of that, too many of us tends to overlook or complicate the use of these tools.

I have just been reading in the book of Daniel and was struck by the many times I found dreams and visions mentioned. First we are told that Daniel had understanding in all kinds of visions and dreams (Dan.1:17). However, Daniel realised that he was completely dependant of God to give him revelation. God is a revealer of secrets (Dan.2:28-29;47).

Visions are spoken of as «visions of your head» (Dan.2:28; 4:5; 7:15) or as «visions of the mind» (Dan.7:1), and are linked to the thoughts. Daniel is saying that he saw a vision and he was looking and intently observing what was taking place in the vision (Dan.8:2). He sought for the meaning of what he had seen in the vision (Dan.8:15).

God is speaking continually. But we are dull of hearing. Visions are flashing our minds, thoughts are being formed in our heads, but we do not perceive. We are discharging the visions and thoughts far too easily as nonsense. We need to repent from being dull to hear. We must be still in the presence of God in our everyday life to see what he wants us to see and hear what he is telling us.

Dreams and visions are God’s way of speaking to us. We just need to be focused on him to see him at work in our nation, in our neighbourhood and the people around us.

An unexpected fulfilment of a prophetic word

God has recently been speaking to Solveig and myself that we are entering into a new season. At the end of this year we will celebrate 50 years of happy marriage life together. A golden anniversary is a great event, but we think that the future is even greater. We are full of expectancy to the Lord for what the future will bring. Just a week before we left for Nepal I attended a team gathering of apostles, prophets and teachers in England. At the last day a prophet of God turned to me and gave me an instructive word of prophecy concerning a new phase and a new way of working in India. Earlier we have been visiting many places all over India, but God told me that in this new phase we should work differently. We should only go to one place and call people to come to meet with us in that place. Sometimes we should give an open invitation, other times we should give a very spesific invitation. God promised that his presence would be with us and that he would pour out the Spirit in all our gatherings.

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Our companion - the Holy Spirit

A few days ago in my daily reading of the Common English Bible, I was reading in the Gospel of John. In chapters 14 to 16 Jesus is preparing his disciples for his departure and the arrival of the Holy Spirit. In this version Jesus is calling the Holy Spirit for a companion. Ever since I read that, it has been working in my heart. The Holy Spirit is given to be our Companion.

In my "normal" Norwegian Bible the Holy Spirit is called the spokesman. It is a bit serious, like an advocate. In other English versions he is called Comforter, Counselor or Helper. I like all these expressions as they explain different aspects of the Parakletos' nature and work. But at the moment I am very blessed by the name Jesus gives the Spirit as Companion or Friend.

The Spirit as our companion is a person sent by God to accompany, assist or live with us in the capacity of being a helpful friend. His call is to be at our side, never to leave us, always to be to our aid. The Spirit of God is in the widest sense our helper, succourer, aider, assistant. He is our close companion and friend.

What a blessing to live with the Holy Spirit in this way. He is my Companion. He is my friend. We have a intimate relationship. He is always at my side to help, comfort, assist, counsel and guide me along the way. 

No one cared for humanity

It is the prophet Isaiah who is describing the horrible situation of war when no one cares for humanity. He is saying that tough men weep openly. Diplomats of peace are in bitter tears. Messagers of reconciliation weep bitterly. Covenants are broken. Solemn pledges are rejected. The very land is mourning and wasting away. The roads are empty and there are no people in the street. People are hiding but find no safe shelter. Cities are despised. Destruction is everywhere. The way the prophet of old is describing the terrible situation of war is like an up to date description of the situation in Syria and other places of military conflict.

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Buddhist monks attack Christians in Sri Lanka

Today I have spoken with one of my friends in Sri Lanka. He tells me about increasing persecution. Some Buddhist monks have become very aggressive and are attacking Christians. My friend had been to see his brothers and sisters that had been affected by the extreme Buddhist monks.

Even BBC has made report of the recent outbreak for persecution against peaceful Christians.

My friend is asking for prayer from all believers all over the world. Let us join our friends in prayer for peace in the nation and for boldness to proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom of God

Let my whole being bless the Lord!

David, the shepherd boy who became king,  the famous poet and master psalmist, is using this expression quite often in the Psalms: Let my whole being bless the LORD! Let everything inside me bless his holy name! Let my whole being bless the LORD and never forget all his good deeds:

God forgives all my sins. What a blessing it is to live in the constant updated forgiveness of sin. When we live in the light, we have fellowship with each other, and the blood of Jesus Christ cleances us from every sin. When we confess our sins, God is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleance us from everything we have done wrong. Let my whole being bless the Lord, for he forgives my sins, it is a present reality! He forgives my sins!

God heals all my sickness and saves my life from the pit! The joy of the Lord is our strength, it is a source of life bubbling up from inside. Living in the fellowship of God is to live in the flow of life and healing. Sickness, disease, infirmity and weakness are all part of human reality because of the Fall. The entire creation has been subjected to frustration and slavery of decay. Death is at work everywhere, but God brings life and healing! The fact that I am live, is a testimony of God's healing power. As long as I live I can say, "Let my whole being bless the LORD, for he heals all my sickness and saves my life from the pit!" 

God crowns me with faithful love and compassion. There is no one like God. He is faithfully pouring out his blessing upon my life. He surrounds me with his faithful covenant love. He protects me and keeps me safe in his deep compassion. I cannot escape his lovingkindness and his attention. His caring eye rests on me all the time. I am never out of his sight. He crowns me with is faithful love and compassion! Let my whole being bless the Lord!

God satisfies me with plenty of good things so that my youth is made fresh like an eagle! There is nothing on earth I desire except living in the presence of God. Only God can satisfy me. And he does satisfy me! God is my heart's rock and my share for ever. It is good fo me to be near God. I have taken refuge in the LORD God, who is compassionate and merciful, very patient, and full of faithful love! Let everything inside me bless his holy name!

Let my whole being bless the LORD!


New Year's Eve 1964 - 7x7 years ago Solveig and I married each other. Last night we celebrated 49 years of happy marriage. God blessed us with 6 wonderful children, of whom Levi the firstborn has gone to be with the Lord, and we have also been blessed with 10 wonderful grandchildren. We have also been blessed with wonderful sons and daughters in law. God has been so good to us. Our hearts are full of thanks to the Lord for his faithful love towards us. We celebrate the faithfulness of God and are looking forward with great expectations to the Lord for the New Year 2014.


This year only the two of us together celebrated our wedding anniversary. Solveig made me a most excellent dinner with the Queen Maud Desert, which also was on the menu 49 years ago!

But me?

As I have been reading in my new Common English Bible I have had many nice surprises as new expressions are catching my attention. This is one of the greatest joy of reading a new Bible translation. The word comes alive again and again as new phrases are jumping of the pages and touching my heart.

One of those expressions that caught my attention, as I am reading the Psalms, and caused me to think is "But me?" I am used to those places where the psalmist is saying "but I will thank the Lord" etc. I am used to the psalmist is saying "but God", but I have never before noticed this phrase: "But Me?" But me, with a question mark?

The psalmists are often describing their difficultiies, hardships and challenges they face in their life. They are having opposition and are surrounded by enemies and evil people who are wanting to kill them. Or they are fighting their own depression and the deep darkness of their own soul. They are encountering every aspect of human life and experience. They are real people struggling real problems. But me? There is a contrast with the situation and the people that surround the psalmist, but the questionmark open up for uncertainty.

But me? Yes, what about me? Do I have a choice? Can I determine myself the outcome of my situation? Am I in control? Can I make a decision? How do I react to this hostility? How do I respond to the challenges that are facing me? But me?

"But me? I will see your face in righteousness." Ps 17:15

"But me? I walk with integrity. Save me! Have mercy on me!" Ps. 26:11

"But me? I will sing of your strength! In the morning I will shout out loud about your faithful love because you have been my stronghold, my shelter when I was distraught. Ps. 59:16

"But me? My prayer reaches you, LORD, at just the right time. God, in your great and faithful love, answer me with your certain salvation!" Ps. 69:13

"But me? I will hope. Always. I will add to all your praise." Ps. 71:14

The circumstances may vary, they can be difficult or very challenging, easy or boring, but I am never need to be a victim of my circumstances. But me? I can rise to the challenge. I can respond to hostility in forgiveness and love. I can overcome any hardship. I can turn my circumstances from being stumbling blocks to be stepping stones to take me a cross the raging river. The circumstance do not matter, what matter is how I react or respond to what is going on around me.

But me? That is the BIG question!

Fear God or honour and love him?

As I have been reading in the Psalms every morning in my new Bible, the Common English Bible, I have noticed that many places it speaks about those who honour God. I had not noticed this expression before and came to realise that it in older, more traditional translations, those verses do not speak about honouring God at all, but about fearing God. Here is some examples:

Psalm 66:16

Come and listen, all you who fear God; let me tell you what he has done for me. (NIV)

All believers, come here and listen, let me tell you what God did for me. (Message)

Come! Listen, all you who are loyal to God! I will declare what he has done for me. (NET)
Come close and listen, all you who honour God; I will tell you what God has done for me. (CEB)
All you lovers of God who want to please Him, come and listen, and I will tell you what he did for me (Passion Translation)

Most of my English Bibles are talking about those who fear God, but four versions are using different words: Believers, those who are loyal to God, those who honour God and those who are lovers of God and want to please him. I love these four different renderings better than the old traditional ones. I think they explain what it means to fear God.

I think all of us understand that the attitude of fearing God is a very positive one. God is so great and awesome that we fear him and bow down in worship and pay respect to him. When we fear God, we will trust him and believe his promises. When we fear God, we will be loyal to him and give him our undivided devotion and commitment. When we fear God, we will honour him and pay respect to him by our words and deeds. When we fear God, we will love him and always want to please him in everything we are and do.

Truth in the most hidden places

I was given a new Bible for my birthday recently. It is called the Common English Bible. I have been reading it awhile and find it very interesting. It is kind of a sober translation and not like some of the many paraphrases we have seen recently.

Today, in my daily reading, I was struck by an expression from Psalm 51 verse 6: And yes, you want truth in the most hidden places; you teach me wisdom in the most secret place.

It is David speaking, after he had committed adultery and consequently murder to cover his sin. He was found iut by the prophet of God: You are the man! You are the one guilty of death penalty! David was quick to repent when the prophet confronted him with his sin. In Psalm 51 he is confessing his sins to God and asking for mercy, forgiveness and purification.

David discovered that God wants truth in the most hidden places. He had been untruthful. He had been doing bad things in secrets. He tried to cover up his wrongdoing, but it only lead to more untruth in the hidden places.

First of all God is looking for truth in the most hidden place of our own heart. We may have a spledid appearance. We may look very well in the eyes of people. But God knows our heart. The religious leaders in the days of our Lord Jesus were excellent outwardly, but rotten on the inside. What a tragedy. Our hidden attitudes and secret thoughts in our innermost being must be truthful. If we are not truthful in the hidden place of out heart we will actualy not be truthful in anything we do or say.

God want truth in the most hidden places of our lives. Our true character is shown in what we to when we are in the hidden places where no one knows us or sees us. In the hidden places we cast of all restraints and dare to be ourselves. That is why God is wanting truth in the most hidden places of our lives.

In the most secret place God will teach us wisdom when he finds truth in the hidden places of our innermost being.

The Passion Translation gives us a diffrent perspective on this verse: "I know You delight to set Your truth deep in my spirit. So come into the hidden places of my heart to teach me wisdom."


Let thousand flowers blossom!
Let tens of thousand different plants flourish!
Let hundreds of thousand seeds sprout, and grow to become a vast forest!
Let the followers of Christ become numerous as the sand on the seashore and stars in the winter-sky.
Let the believers excell in expressing love in practical and down to earth deeds.
Let the covenant community explode with creativity!
Let the church of Christ come to fulness!

Ten reasons to attend apostolic conferences

Good reasons to attend the apostolic summer festival ”Lys og Salt”:

1. It is always beneficial to attend a gathering when called together by the apostles. There will be an impartation of apostolic and prophetic vision and anointing.

2. It is very important to receive apostolic and prophetic teaching, to receive direction from God that we may work together to advance the Kingdom of God.

3. God has always arranged for the covenant community to come together to celebrate His goodness and to worship Him together as a people. It is very pleasing to God to dwell together in peace, harmony and unity.

4. The annual gatherings for the larger covenant community, is creating a sense of belonging and of having a common destiny in God.

5. When we are part of local churches, house churches or smaller fellowships, will the larger gatherings, on a regional or national level, give us important and fresh impulses, encouragement and strength.

6. It will help the people of God to understand that they are part of something bigger than just the local church, that they are part of an apostolic work and a great mission outreach towards many nations.

7. The reports from what God is doing in other parts of the world will build faith and inspire to local Kingdom of God initiatives.

8. The children and young people will benefit from good programs and even more important be able to form new friendships with fellow believers that could last for life.

9. For young people it is an excellent opportunity to build healthy relations, which even could lead to godly marriages. Two of our children found their spouses in such gatherings.

10. The many different practical and spiritual seminars and workshops will in a specific way equip people to serve the purpose of God in their generation.

The season of the Branch

We have entered into a new season of the Spirit. A new outpouring of the Spirit is already in the way. We are seeing signs of the dawn of a new day and a new season of the powerful moving of the Holy Spirit. This move of the Spirit will be centred on Christ, the Branch.

The Branch is a prophetic image of Christ that we find many places in the Bible and the Spirit is bringing this prophetic to the forefront of his move among his people in these days. The Branch is an image of dynamic life, growth and expansion. It stands for new life shooting forth, budding and sprouting among the people of God in these days.

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A sufi story

Mullah Nasruddin entered the royal reception area and sat on the most plush and ornate chair. The captain of the guard told him, ”Please sit somewhere else, that chair is kept for the most honourable guest.”

”You think I ’m an ordinary guest?” asked Nasruddin.

”Are you an envoy from a neighbouring country?”

”I’m much more important than that.”

”Are you a minister?”

”Bigger than one.”

The guard became sarcastic, thinking he has accosted a fool. ”I see, so you must be the King himself, your majesty,” he said.

”Higher than that!”

”How dare you? Nobody is higher than the King!”

”Precisely. I am nobody!” replied Nasruddin.

Christmas - celebrating God with us

We are enjoying a wonderful Christmas celebration with all our family (21) at Gullbotn. The house is filled with joy and harmony. The grandchildren are happily playing together. It is a great joy to observe them having a good time together. The adults are also enjoying themselves and having a lot of fun. According to our Norwegian custom we put all the presents under and around the tree and on Christmas Eve the grandchildren were reading the to and from greeting, and distributing the presents. Then we all watch the present being opened, thanks and hugs are exchanged, and we all rejoice with one another. This Christmas Eve we started early as we were 21 people together and it took six hours to distribute all the gifts!

The big family celebration with gifts and traditional food is a great event that especially all the children look forward to. But Christmas is much more than a few days of joyful celebration. Actually we should celebrate the reality of Christmas every day all through the year. The central message of Christmas is Immanuel - God with us. The incarnation is a historic fact. God became flesh and blood. He became one of us. He became a human being. That is a miracle of Love which we don't fully comprehend. But certainly it needs to be celebrated.

Every day we wake up we need to remind our selves of the fact of Immanuel. God with us. God for us. God among us. Christ in us the hope of glory. We are not alone in this world. We are not left to ourselves. We are not abandoned. We don't have to struggle with the challenges of life on our own.

God is with us. Even in our darkest hour when we seem to be totally on our own, he is there. When everything seem to be hopeless, when we are face to face with the impossible, he is there. When we rejoice in our achievements, when we seem to succeed, he is there. He is always near. He is always with us. His name is Immanuel!

Many times I have felt alone. Often I have felt like being totally on my own, and it is a very scary feeling. But actually I was never alone. He was always there. He was always with me. Even when I could not see him or his finger in the things happeneing to me, he was still there. I found refuge in him in the storms of life. I found comfort in him in times of loss. I found strenght in him when I had no strength of my own.

Over the years in my walk with God I have come to a confident rest in Immanuel - God with us. It is not only God with me, it is always God with us. It helps me to see Him among my brothers and sisters in the covenant community.

What a joy to celebrate 70 years

What a joy to celebrate 70 years together with family and friends at Gullbotn yesterday. Solveig has been working hard the last months in preparing a big party. I am overwhelmed by her love and creativity.
The celebration was unforgettable. The food was delicious, the cakes outstanding in taste and in outlook. The grandchildren performed in an excellent way. Sons and daughters gave nice speeches and wonderful poems written for me. My friends brought many encouraging words that touched my heart. I thank God for my wonderful family and faithful friends. I am so rich. I am richly blessed by God.
I have been rereading all the birthday greetings I received on cards and on Facebook. I have been moved to tears and my heart has been overflowing with joy. I am so thankful to God for his marvelous grace and favour towards me. God is so God.
My friends in Kristent Fellesskap Nordhordland gave me a MacBook Pro. My friends in DNA Oslo gave me an iPad. Now I have to learn to use those useful tools to advance the Kingdom of God. I am excited that I have to explore new things and new ways of doing it.

At the end of November I completed 50 years in the ministry. 26 of November 1962 I had completed 5 weeks of Bible School training and started to travel to preach the gospel. I was traveling together with Samuel Gjersdal who was an experienced preacher. We spent several months on the Fosen peninsula in Trøndelag. For many years I was an independent traveling pentecostal evangelist bring the Good News to many people.

Since the beginning of the Eighties I have been in Kristent Fellesskap's churches mainly. From the beginning of the Nineties I and my wife have gone regularly to India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and other countries. God has been so good to us during these years. We have seen his grace in our lives in many different ways. We can testify that the Lord is faithful. We have seen many miracles.

When I was a litle boy and was in and out of hospitals all the time the doctors told my parents that I would never grow up. They never expected me to become more than twenty years. By the grace of God I have turned 70! The doctors were wrong. God had better plans for me. He has already given me 50 miracle years in the ministry. Now I am praying for 50 more years in active ministry for the Lord.

Close the door

A new door of oppurtinities is open in front of us. This is a day of new beginnings. This is a day of new revelation and insight. This is a day of exploration of the vast possibilities at our doorstep. However, we need to stop looking back in our life on what has been, for it has been. We need to have eyes to see what is ahead, for what is to come. The best is yet to be, but for us to be able to enter into that which is the best, we need to close the door on our past.

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Blogging update

Ten years ago I started to blog on the Blogger platform. After some years I moved to Typepad. During the ten years of blogging I have had many encouragements in form of comments left on the blog or by email or in person. I thank God that people have been bless by my simple blogging where I have been sharing from my life.

Recently I have not been so active as I used to be. New social medias are the main reason for this development. I have no intention of reducing my presence on the Internet, on the contrary I have plans of increasing my presence and become even more active than before. I am also having some new ideas for my blog and new blogs I want to start in the near future.

Ten years of blogging is nice to celebrate, but there is no time to rest. Hopefully I will be able to launch new blogs and new presence on the Internet to press on for the next ten years to be more mature and to bring more glory to God.

The words of my first entry on my blog ten years ago are still valid:

To be somebody
is to take small and big jumps
into the unknown territory
safely walking in faith
confidently trusting the Beginning and the End
to guide and carry me
through the deep waters
over the high mountains of human limitations
to soar to new horizons
to lay down and dream in a lush meadow
to create my first blog

The Kingdom of God advances in Nepal

When I visited Nepal for the first time in 1971 I was told that the total number of Christians in the Hindu Kingdom was only 500. During my last visit I was told that the number had increased to nearly 2 millions. The Kingdom of God is really advancing in this wonderful nation in the Himalyas.

Dilbahadur came to Norway as an asylum seeker. He found Christ in Oslo and became part of a house church where he was discipled. He didn't get permission to stay in Norway and returned to Nepal as a new believer. What he had learned he passed on to his family. They all received Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Now he leads a house church in his town and new families have come to know Christ through him.

In this way the Kingdom of God changes families who influence and change society for the better.

Baktha from Mugu in the Himalayas

I met Baktha in Kathmandu last october at a short term Bible School. He is a fine young man who has committed his life to Jesus Christ. He lives with his family in Mugu, remote village in the western part of Nepal in the Himalayan mountain range. He has to walk for nearly 7 days to get to the nearest road and transportation system.

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Tahk Bahadur

A few years back we met Tahk at a gathering of covenant friends in Nepal. He always has an open face, a nice smile, and a bright outlook. He is a happy disciple of Jesus Christ. He is working hard to support his family and to bring the Good News of the Kingdom of God to new people. He lives in the Mackwanpur district of Nepal. We were so happy to see him again these days we spent in Kathmandu. Full of joy he told us that he had been able to bring the Good News to an unreached village about 20 miles from where he lives. He travels to this place partly by a cycle and partly by walking and climbing the mountains. Some parts he even had to carry his cycle on his shoulder as well. When he first visited the village he found that many of the villagers were sick. They were suffering from all kinds of sicknesses. As he was proclaiming the gospel of the Kingdome he prayed for sick people to be healed and the power of God at work. Many healings took place. One girl was partly paralyzed. She was barely able to move around with crutches. As Tahk Bahadur was preaching Jesus Christ, he told the girl that God wanted to heal her. She believed in Jesus and was completely healed. Now she is able to walk without crutches or sticks to support her. Many people have received Jesus Christ in this new village. This all happened the last month only so no one had been baptized in water yet. But the Holy Spirit is at work and soon people will be buried with Christ, he assured me. In the fellowship of covenant friends in his own village he has baptized 6 people since May.

The covenant community is expanding

We have had some wonderful days in the Pink City of Jaipur. We have met with many friends and have heard many fantastic testimonies. The covenant community is growing in numbers and expanding to new areas of the city. This vibrant community consists of more than 1000 people in more than 30 communities scattered around the city. Last year 8 new communities were birthed. 260 new believers were baptised in water and in the Holy Spirit.

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Miracles in Mumbai

I have had a wonderful time with Sashikant from Mumbai. He is a young man that studied at the Covenant School. He came to Christ through some older students and has been used powerfully by God since he returned to Mumbai. In few years he has seen a covenant community of about 150 committed people emerge. Ten young men are working with him and they have a 200 believer to look after. Recently they started a new work in a place where many people have come to Christ.

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The Spirit of God is moving in India

Today I have met with Peter, a friend of mine since 1971 when he was a student. Peter gave me a very encouraging report of God is doing. He told me that there has been a powerful move of the Holy Spirit in his area. Many young believers have been filled with the Holy Spirit and started to function in spiritual gifts. And many people come to Christ.

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Celebrating Chapchar Kut 2012

We arrived in Mizoram just a few days prior to the main festival of the Mizos, Chapchar Kut. It must have been the arrangement of God that we happened to be here for this great festival. We only came here to be with our friend Andrew and he introduced us to the festival. Actually, he just mentioned that we were fortunate to arrive at the time of the main festival, but since he was so enthusiastic about it, he triggered our curiosity and a desire to take part in the festival.

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Being right or living right?

To be somebody is not about being right

But about living right with other people.

To be somebody is all about relationships,

Not about opinions or being political correct

But about building right relationships

- the strong protecting the weak

- the rich serving the poor

- the insiders making room for the outsiders

To be somebody is about loving people

And finding great joy in being with others

Being a man among men

Mother's Day

We are celebrating Mother's Day in Norway today. My mother has already gone to be with the Lord so I can't phone her or visit her. But I still like to honour her sweet memory. There are myriads of galaxies and stars in the sky, but there is only one mother to me. There are countless flowers in the field and some marvellous sparkling diamonds, but there is only one mother. There are so many beautiful pearls and amazing jewelleries, but there is only one mother. Her face, marked by wrinkles, is the most beautiful image I have ever seen.

My wonderful wife, Solveig, has been a wonderful mother to our six children. No she is also the best grandmother in the world. She has had several greetings already from some of our children. Before the day is over I expect them all to have been in touch to express p and gratitude. When she had her first phone call this morning from her elder son and read her card from her younger daughter her eyes were filled with tears but a smile was playing on her mouth. And she gave thanks to God for all His goodness towards her in giving her the privilege of being a mother.

I thank God for my mother. I thank God for my wife who turned out to be the best mother my children could ever have. I thank God that he comforts me like a mother!

The power of culture

The culture in which we live is perhaps the most dominant power in our lives. Therefore we need to know the culture to be able to master it and not to be mastered by it. Actually we are more influenced by the culture than we understand or like to admit. Therefore it is difficult to overcome and not be overcome by it.Our modern western culture has dethroned God as the ultimate source of truth and morality and enthroned sinful man in his place. As our culture has become increasingly hostile to Christianity, it has become correspondingly open to wickedness.